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Excellent idea! Am going to Target tomorrow to get my pomegranate thread.

What a great idea. So many times when I was pregnant I felt self-concious when I saw others looking at my pregnant belly and was really aware of the fact that some of the looks at my belly might be from others who are or have dealt with infertility. When people asked me about my pregnancy I ALWAYS answered that it was a long hard road so that we were really thrilled that I was finally pregnant. Sometimes I would go on to elaborate further about my infertility struggles, failed IVF, etc. Maybe people didn't want to hear it but I HAD to say it. It was like I was apologizing for being pregnant.

One thing I got out of doing that though was that I discovered just how many "strangers" out there had gone through or were going through the same thing. It was really rather eye-opening.

I felt even worse when I was obviously pregnant and had a toddler in a stroller as well.

I hope this idea catches on. While I feel like I've moved past a lot of the issues I had with my infertility and consequent pregnancies, I still feel like I relate to women who are still struggling with it or have struggled with it in the past. It's a part of me that will never go away, just like my two miscarriages will never be forgotten either. Just yesterday I passed a restaurant where I had a school board meeting on the night that I started to miscarry and I commented on how I sat in my car and cried then tried to make myself look presentable when I went in. Some things are never forgotten.

I will have to get some thread as well...

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