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Somebody broke into my car once and took the time to go through all of my cd's and left the ones they didn't want. I was insulted. :)

An old boyfriend once had his car stolen after he had stopped somewhere on the way home from picking up his laundry.
When the car was recovered a few weeks later, the laundry had been rifled through and the thief had taken all the new underwear, left the frayed crappy stuff in the back seat.

Actually, I think leaving the Carpenters behind shows a LOT of taste.

Definatly tasteless. Karen Carpenter...What a voice and what a waste!

How awful. Can you get them back at all, or are they gone for good? I mean, you know basically know who took them ,right?

I can't answer your poll today, as my ideal vacation is i) several of the above. I love beach days with my kids, my husband and I went alone to San Francisco and fell in love with the big city vibe, we had an amazing week at my in-laws isolated, tranquil cabin, we love going to shows, and we love hiking through the woods and seeing wildlife.

Clearly you can all see why we can't decide where we eventually want to live. As soon as we decide that we need to be in the middle of a big city surrounded by culture and festivals, we go to someone's farm and decide we need a few acres of our own. Has anyone seens a few acres of farmland for sale in the middle of any cities lately?

The only acceptable Christmas CD in my husband's mind is the Capenter's. Mine is John Denver's. We have a mini-fight (not really) about it every year when it comes time to trim the tree. Because you have to listen to it in order, you see, so no hitting "random" on the CD player. We will leave it up to our kids when they are old enough to have an opinion, about who has the worst taste!

next time, put the originals in your house and put the copies in the car! that way, when somebody steals them, you're out maybe $5 and the time to re-duplicate your collection.

or when they melt in the sun.

or when the child scratches them.

or when the other child scratches them.

by the way, did you know that children love CDs?

I'm not sure which is the bigger crime - stealing the CD's or actually owning anything by the Carpenters in the first place!


Someone broke into our car in Washington DC, rifled through our entire case of CDs, and left them all. What does that say about our taste in music? More or less insulting that leaving just the one?

Damn, I'm humming a Carpenters tune now. Thanks for NOTHING!

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