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They are most probably the cutest flower smelling kids ever. So sweet!

Surely it doesn't get THAT cold in SA?! And yet the flowers still bloom beautifully. Odd! What gorgeous photos - they're really breathing in those flowers, not just sniffing them!

Oooh, I just want to squeeze them! Very cute!

How adorable--I love how the flower is totally covering Adam's face in the last picture. Too cute!!

Soooo adorable!

I just have to share:
Our 17-month-old doesn't yet talk, but has learned some sign language. This past summer he would go into the park across the street and pick dandelions. Then we got company from overseas and did some travelling with them -- places where there were nice gardens too -- and one of our guests taught him not to pick flowers but rather to sniff them. He has adopted this as the sign for flower, and whenever he sees a flower he makes a huge, exaggerated sniff, all the while screwing up his face appropriately. Too funny!

Yes...these are adorable pics. Tertiia-- HOW COLD IS IT IN SA RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?! I had no idea that S.A. got cold enough for heavy coats, unless you lived in the mountains or something!!! Cancel my plans to move-- I'm sick of winter! LOL!

And the ASL sign for "flower," as I've learned it, is very close to what Gudrun's son does-- except you put all your fingers together (scrunched) and place them on one side of your nose and then the other, to indicate the smelling part. Teaching Dharma ASL since she was six months has been very rewarding, even though she talks like a maniac now, at 21 months. DD and I still use sign language while we speak to one another. I don't think either one of us wants to stop. And on top of that she's starting to speak some Spanish, as well. The sign language helps me claify my point when she isn't quite sure of what I've said in Spanish.

Love love LOVE these pictures. Absolutely beautiful. I'm assuming you were the photographer and not Marko.

Now that is just entirely too damn cute :)

Those pictures made me smile something HUGE. They are so sweet.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww....... so sweet! Simply adorable! Thank you for this. I just looked at it after watching that horrible vid of the jesus freaks and posting my intense post... thank you! :)

Tersh - they are so cute... can't believe how quickly they are growing up.. I must pop in. xxx

Oh the days before I got stung by a bee and got hypersensitive to pollen! Beautiful pics T, your babes get bigger in every shot. (Also was looking through your earlier blogs and noticed your cat is named Tequila! So's mine, except she's a bad tempered evil old cat who would gladly scratch my eyes out)

Adam is a flower child! So cute!

incredibly beautiful shots. you are one talented g&d lady!! :)

aaaawwww- too cute!

Awwww! The flowers are as big as your babies' little faces!

And yeah, I'm with Jen and Faith... how cold is it down there? And if it's cold enough for winter coats, then why are those flowers still alive?

sweet little darlings! I hope they didn't eat the flowers like my Jake did yesterday! Thankfully it wasn't a poisonous one!

Oh my god.....I want to gobble them both up. They are so incredibly G&D like their Mommie.

AWESOME pictures.

Oh! looks the kid really enjoyed smelling those cute flowers in it's hand, I love seeing this. nice photos.


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