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Tertia you angel. That is THE BEST piece of fertility research EVER. And although I don't take it as a carte blanche to get utterly blootered - alas - how nice not to automatically beat myself up for my evening glass of wine.

Hang about - a piece of IF research that doesn't make women feel like worthless bits of crap for the life choices they've made/making/might have made - it's not an April Fool gag is it?

hye there
i disagree with the statement that women who drink no alcohol are least likely to conceive as i am muslim and we do not drink alcohol and as you know muslim women have kids (lots of them 3,4,6) and trust me most of them fall pregnant really quickly, but hey nature balances that out by making us bystanding innocents infertile!
but hey enjoy your wine!
i personally hate it when ppl tell me oh if you ate more healthily,put on more weight,stopped drinking tea, youd fall pregnant, i would really love to tell them im sorry dear but that is not going to help my husbands sperm count nor is is going to help my f'ed up body!

It is all of our duty to drink wine. I think this study, coupled with the one that concludes babies are happier when their mothers eat chocolate while pregnant, are two steps in the right direction.

I thought I'd been doing my part but I can see I'll have to step it up. Thanks for starting my day off with good news.

After 18 months of infertility, I'll admit, I started drinking coffee again and I stopped being so careful on the two week wait. You know what? Inftertility is hard enough, if a girl wants a glass of wine and a latte, she should have one, health benefits or not.

Ditto for me too.
The cycle we conceived our son, I was drinking a little bit of wine prior, and while in the 2ww, hosted a BBQ ('braai'), and you know how that can go. Since then, no alcohol (well, until this cycle) and nothing.

I can already hear the assvice now! "Just relax, take a vacation and drink some wine!"

Somebody give me a bottle of wine! Screw the doctor! Well...not literally...because wine + screwing the doctor COULD = fertility + the wrong father... *Ponders*

My husband heard me giggling over here reading you. He deadpans, "sounds like a strategically placed study by the Grape Grower's Association". :^)

perhaps drunk women simply fuck more. or are more likely to forget their pills. or something like that. and so are more likely to get knocked up.

bring on the wine.

It does say MODERATE amounts of wine.........not COPIOUS!!!! ;-)

Not to mention wine drinkers of "of a higher social status" than beer drinkers.

Wine always does a body good!

So that's my problem; I haven't been drinking enough. Or at all. Since Jake was born 2 years ago, I just haven't had the urge to drink. I've think I've had a whopping 2 or three drinks (@ least one of them wine) in the last two years. I'm going to have to start drinking a glass of wine a day and see if that doesn't get me the 2nd baby I'm craving but having no luck with.

On a total side note, does anyone have any advice for someone who hasn't had a period since late June and who knows she isn't pregnant. I'm sorry to butt in here in comments with this, but I figured if anyone would have advice for me it would be you wonderful women. Thanks in advance.

Oh my God! Must stop drinking beer so people don't realise how low class I am.

I don't generally drink much, but both times I conceived (after years of infertility) I'd had a rare glass of wine. Yep, we'll add it to the "just relax", "go on a holiday" and "put a pillow under your bum" list of advice for sure!

Cheers, T! Love this research!

You fucking kill me! I'm about to pee my pants.

Well, shit, then I should *certainly* be pg by NOW. *sigh*

When we did our first (um, yeah, and, ONLY) cycle, the day before retrieval, I asked the nurse if I could have some wine. Because it was my birthday, y'know?

She just giggled a little and said, "of *course* you can. Just don't get drunk."

How quickly she came to know me in such a short time...

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