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Our Viao has been missing the an "o" for a while.

Guess they are together getting it *on* somewhere....


My gift to you. Get ready to copy and paste!



There. Problem solved.

My old keyboard had all the letters completely worn off. THe kids would sit down to use my computer and be like "I CAN'T TYPE ON THIS THING!!!!'

Amateurs. Who needs letters on the keys. I know where they are. :)

Oh how funny!! My "n" and "o" are both missing on my laptop.....I would have thought the "a" and "e" would have been the first to go. Where can I purchase spare letters! LOL

Tell Marko to quit being so hard on the keyboard!!!!


Too funny. N must be one of the most popular letters, b/c the print is coming off my keyboard.

This post just reminded me of the movie "Misery" which was on TV the other night. It's the one where a twisted Kathy Bates keeps the writer captive in her house.... The typewriter she buys him is missing an "N" too. Haa.

Don't worry, you'll need a new keyboard soon anyway. One of the kiddos will come running with a glass of liquid that you didn't realize was within their reach, and you'll have to go buy a new keyboard after they fry that one. ;) It's happened to me about three times since my almost-three-year-old started walking. You'd think my husband would learn to put his drinks out of reach, but most recently, he had to buy me a new keyboard yesterday, because apple juice got poured in the old one.

Haha, I'm missing the left shift key on my keyboard. My last laptop was missing the e, m, v, and z. Gotta love toddlers!

It so annoys me when i lose a key. Before my warranty was up I called Dell and they sent me a new keyboard overnight with simply, easy directions for installation. For those not under warranty, a new keyboard can still be obtained through the manufacturer or on ebay. I cant stand having missing keys!

So I guess you won't be blogging about anonymous nincompoop Nantucket nannies tanning in November?

I had to laugh because my husband and our "technology guy" finally teamed up on me to make me surrender my last keyboard. I'd worn off most of the letters and actually dented most of the keys through so many years of work. But what can I say, a writer gets pretty devoted, you know!

My "N" and my "M" are completely worn off the keyboard here and i haven't had the thing for 3 months!!!!
My last laptop got ditched when my "g" popped off the keyboard entirely!

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