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Ok. Tell us the truth. Were you throughly cooked when you read and posted that? It's squarely in the "I cannot find the humor in it" category :-) Lekker by die see.

oh i giggle and snort... I'm always one to laugh at myself.. good for the soul!


You never know what people who likely have no kids to distract them every 2.5 seconds have time to create. By the way, regarding your recent Adam posting, my son recently bit my husband's penis during a tantrum ... through his clothes, of course. Right on the tip. Check out his hellish behavior at http://8centimetersdeluded.blogspot.com/2006_09_12_8centimetersdeluded_archive.html It's the second post called Pelted With Sweaty Socks, Spit at and Sucker Punched

Too funny!!

Did you see what they wrote about Jo'burg?? Ha, ha.

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