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How incredibly sad, I think everybody is in shock :-((((( I really liked him too. He was so passionate, I just loved watching him.

You know this hit me the same way too - when I saw the headlines, I thought, "Oh NO!" My heart sank. I didn't even watch him much, but I thought he was genuine and passionate about what he loved. It is always sad to lose people who are passionate about their loves, isn't it?

Thanks, T. Australia all over is in deep shock, even those of us who liked to take the piss are devastated. He was the same guy off camera as on, loved wildlife and always championed the cause. Most of all he was absoluely devoted to his family, completely in love with his wife and 2 little kids. I just want to cry for them.

He was a "little beauty". By crikey.

It is SO sad. I loved his shows. I too think he was very "real". He will be missed.

I am so sad about this news. As an Aussie, I always thought he was a fantastic ambassador for Australia - truly a honest good bloke. His TV shows were fantastic, and Australia Zoo is a great place. His poor family.

T, thanks for mentioning him in your blog. The man had integrity and character, and for crying out loud, he tried to change the world for the better, poor Terri, they appeared to be such soulmates. My heart bleeds. Faster than you can say "what was that", you little beauty. We are all devestated in Australia.

Godspeed Steve, by crikey, you're on the trip of a life time, grab dem angels by the wings and drag them out of the clouds. We won't forget you.

I was saddened by the news too. He always made me smile when I watched his shows and I loved hearing his Aussie talk. What a freakie way to go.

Most people here are really sad.

I must admit he annoyed the hell out of me earlyon. I thought his personality was just hamming it up for an American TV audience. But then I realised that he was genuine, and his enthusiasm was from a genuine devotion and love of the animal kingdom, and a deep commitment to the welfare of animals.

I am sure his legacy will live on, in his wife, kids, and the Australia Zoo and his other projects.

When a wild animal attacks someone here, there's usually calls for "cull them all, they're maneaters". But there's been no such thing in regard to stingrays (not yet, anyway). I think this is down to Steve's influence - his appreciation for wild animals and him seeing the beauty in animals that freak most of us out. I bet he's sitting on a cloud somewhere, peering down, and going "Crikey! and feeling proud of himself.

I am absolutely devastated by this news. I had no idea. I loved Steve Irwin. This is just so sad. His wife and his kids, all alone now. I just can't believe he is really gone.

My husband and I were both really upset when we heard this on the news. He was the best. I feel so badly for his wife and kids.

Wow - what a shock! This is the first I've heard of it. We love The Crocodile Hunter here - when he made the Wiggles video, my son went NUTS. What a loss...

I saw this right before I went to bed last night, and I cried. I loved that guy so much.

Another Aussie who thanks you for mentioning Steve Irwin on your blog. Like one of the previous Aussie commenters, I also thought early on that the Steve Irwin we saw on TV may have been mostly an act put on for overseas consumption. However, like most Australians I came to realise that he was truely a person of passion and integrity with a great love for wildlife and the environment. I feel devastation for his family and a true sense of loss for such a unique and irreplacable Australian.

It's such a shock to so many - my heart breaks for his wife and children. I just watched a replay of an interview he did with Andrew Denton in 2004, and was struck again by his devotion to his family. He spoke so proudly of having the "Terry-factor" and how much he was in love with his wife. It's a great interview, but so sad to watch now. He's such a bundle of energy, it makes you feel good just to watch him. We all got so used to seeing him take risks - unimaginable that he has died in this way.
~ Fiona

loved steve irwin too. he was one of those lucky few who got to live what he loved to the fullest.

beauuuuty, mate!

How horrible! This is the first I've heard of this aweful news.. I'm sure I'll see it all over the news today.
So sad. Thanks for the notice!

I am so very sad about this. steve irwin is the one who made me decide to go into zoology, and i had planned on doing a summer internship next year specifically to work alongside one of my heroes. this is such a shock, and i wish it wasnt true.

Another Aussie thanking you Tertia for mentioning him. He was a great bloke and didn't have a malicious bone in his body. What you saw was really who he was and he was the same for everyone, Prime Minister or the kid down the road.

I haven't heard Australia get so choked up over a person in a long time and it says a lot, given the bunch of cynics that we can be.

I'll miss him but his little family, the 500 staff at Australia Zoo and the many more in his production crew will miss him so much more. He adored his family and my heart bleeds for them.

I haven't been able to tell the kids yet - I know they will be upset. RIP Steve

Back when I had cable, I used to watch his show every day on Animal Planet. Although I am heartbroken he died so young, I know he was doing exactly what he loved to do, and he was one of those rare people that truly made a huge, positive difference in the way people think and act. I hope it is some comfort to his family to know that people all over the world join with them in mourning his loss.

Sad. Sad. Sad.
It is a real tragedy. A loss for all of us. *bawl*

I can't believe how bummed I am to hear this news. Something about him must have touched a lot of people without their really knowing it. :^(

I know, it is very sad. "You're all right mate," he would say, as some lethal creature tried to kill him. "Just a bit bitey. You're all right." He was like this little kid who never learned how to play safely. Some of his favorite phrases have embedded themselves permanently into the lingo of our marriage.

I thought he was an amazing human being. It seems incomprehensible that such an extraordinarily kind person could die so young. I've been on the verge of tears all day.

I've been weepy about it all day, there are far too few people who are genuiunely passionate about what they do and who make a big difference in the world. I'll miss his enthusiasm and sheer delight in nature. My heart goes out to his family, who must be devastated.

I am also very saddened by this news. I thought he was totally awesome, and being an animal freak myself, I loved watching him and learning new things. I'm sad that my son will not get to fully experience all that was "Steve Irwin" except in reruns, tho by the time he's old enough to get it, they probably won't be on anymore.

And I had NO idea a stingray could actually kill you.

I feel for his family, those poor little babies who were the light of his life. And Terri his absolute soulmate. May they find peace in their grief.

I know I'm probably not the only one who's been watching Animal Planet specials all day. I only hope that somehow Terri Irwin can feel the outpouring of love and grief and know how many people all around the world are crying with her.

We have been so sad. My heart aches for his children, who lost their Daddy the day after Fathers day. We were in the car when we heard the news, I couldnt believe it. Ned and Cecilia cried.
They have grown up with 'The Crocodile Hunter' (not literally) and knowing he is dead is a difficult concept for them. We came home and watched one of his DVD's, and Cecilia kept saying "Guess what, Mummy, The Crocodile hunter has DIED!" then her eyes would well up.
I always try to teach our children respect and love for all animals, and Steve Irwin echoed those lessons so well. His death is a tragic loss for all the world. A passionate voice has gone, and I can only hope that his message lives on.

Salute Steve Irwin.

My greatest sympathy to his Family.


I'm awake here way past my bedtime -- I'd planned to be, after all, since my alma mater is playing in a huge opening game of American football -- but I find myself constantly switching over to Animal Planet's Steve Irwin marathon instead. What an amazing spirit he had, so true to himself and his passion for conservationism and his family. So sad.

Really sad and bummed about this. I never realized what an icon he was. Just watching him inspired me to 'carpe diem' and I will never forget his childlike enthusiasm over the simplest of God's creatures. I ache for his wife and for his little ones. What a huge loss to our world.

I cried as I watchedthe tribute to him tonight on Animal Planet. My heart aches for his children. I went in and kissed my sleeping baby, hoping nother ever happens to me or my husband.

I was so sad when I heard. His younger child was born the same month and year as my girls. Way too young to lose a daddy, and so sad that he will miss out on his kids' lives. So awful.

we watched the news yesteray with the headline that he had died, so very sad he was a good man that did great things, proof positive that there is no such thing as Karma.

I must admit, I never liked him, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. My heart goes out to his babies, no one, especially that young should have to know what it's like to loose a parent.

Okay, here's the truth... most folks i know here in the U.S. think that Steve Irwin was a total asshole for jepoardizing his life and leaving behind a wife and two kids b/c of his thrill seeking.

thankfully his memory and his conservation foundation which does so much good, will make that little barb of him being an asshole exactly what it is. small minded very small.

I am an Aussie and I can tell you we are all devastated - he was an amazing guy - he bought up hundreds of acres of land so that animals could live on it without fear of being shot or moved on due to developments. Anyone who thinks he was an asshole for jeopardising his life, just doesn't get it = he and his wife and their kids (whom my family and I met last year at the Australia Zoo) were all in it together - a freak accident with a stingray has lost the world a wonderful conservationist and a great entertainer!

"Okay, here's the truth... most folks i know here in the U.S. think that Steve Irwin was a total asshole for jepoardizing his life and leaving behind a wife and two kids b/c of his thrill seeking."

Wow. It's horrible that he lived a life he loved. It's horrible that he passed on that passion to his kids and that his own wife SHARED his passion.

Out of all of the Americans I know, none of us have stated that he was an asshole for pursuing his passion. I, for one, thought he was a bit too over-the-top, but know what? His wife loved him for it. His kids loved him for it. And he didn't die from being over-the-top. He died from a freak accident that could occur to ANYONE who goes on vacation and swims with stingrays.

If Steve Irwin didn't die in this "freak accident" you can be sure he would have died in some other. This man courted death. This man dangled his baby over the side of a boat over the open jaws of a crocodile. This man took many unneccessary risks and the general consensus that I am hearing is that people are not sympathetic. As a parent, I believe you have a greater responsibility to your children once you have them than this man demonstrated. He chose the career of a single, childless man, in my opinion and that was selfish. Not saying he didn't do great things. He did. Not saying he was not a great guy, perhaps he was. Am saying his wife and kids may have loved him for his being "a bit too over-the-top", but, i am confident they would be better off and happier having him with them.

You cannot argue 'what might have happened'. I've always expected Steve Irwin to have been injured, eventually, and hospitalized, in his line of work.

But so if Steve's job was too dangerous- what about race car drivers? Are they irresponsible too? What about football players? Are they irresponsible too? What about any physical line of work that carries the chance of serious bodily harm?

Steve Irwin knew the dangers his line of work posed- his father was a zookeeper and taught him well. His wife knew the dangers of his job. Did she try to convince him to quit it? No, she was out there hopping on crocs too- guess she's an irresponsible parent too.

Of course, his family would be happier if Steve was alive- but a Steve Irwin without his passion and without his personality would not be the same person they loved.

frankly Trish said it all for me so I wont bother responding except to say two things. What a horrid world it would be if we all lived by your definition of safe and sane. and I find it sad that people will wait until someone dies to pull out their vitriolic claptrap.

To the poster who has had their name removed, I am not dissing your right to have an opinion, but could you please point me to any information about the time Steve "dangled his baby over the side of a boat over the open jaws of a crocodile"? Because I think you're actually talking about the time Steve was in a crocodile enclosure with his baby son Bob. He wasn't in a boat, he NEVER dangled his son near the crocodile (he was dangling a piece of meat whilst holding his son in the other arm). I'm definitely not condoning what Steve did there, I too think it was foolish, but if you want to have an informed conversation about the actions of Steve Irwin, you better get your facts straight first.

p.s. Your name isn't Germaine Greer by any chance, is it? ;)

Dear name removed,

Um, please try nopt to speak for all Americans. 'Cause well, everyone *I* know thinks his death was tragic and sad. I've swum in the gulf waters a handful of times, and well, that's exactly the amount of risk he was taking the day he died. We was a very careful man whose line of work was dangerous. He understood the consequences of his actions and had accepted them. I've never seen him as a thrill seeker. (Now that other aminal guy on the Discovery Channels, he's insane.)

And the baby over the side of the boat thing, um... no.

Anyway, us hicks here in the midwest have been mouring his death quite a bit. And literally no one I've spoken to have called or thought of him as an asshole. We prefer "nice, passionate guy whose death was a tragedy."

I must say that "I've Removed Her Name" must hang out in a tee-totally different circle from me "here in the US". And I also must say that her comment makes me wonder... What's so different from that, than a truck driver who dies in a trucking accident? Is the trucker an asshole for doing a job he loves, albeit dangerous? Steve Irwin did a job that loved and was good at it, and his death was a tragedy. It was unfortunate. But he died doing something he loved. And that's better than dropping dead of a bad case of the flu, turned pnuemonia or whatever if you ask me. And I am absolutely positive Terri Irwin just loves having her late husband called an asshole for dieing. Don't speak for "most in the US" because I certainly don't know anyone who shares your opinion. And also, get your facts straight before you whine about the incident with Bob. I do not see what Steve did there as being any worse than a father taking his child hunting, or a police officer taking his child on a ride-along. Maybe Steve took unnecessary risks in life, but he showed his children to live life to the fullest and to do what they can to help causes they believe in. We should all be so brave and passionate. As for him "courting death", I can't believe you'd be so horrible to your children as to get behind the wheel of a car or cross the street. To be quite honest, in this day, being ALIVE is courting death.

"But so if Steve's job was too dangerous- what about race car drivers? Are they irresponsible too? What about football players? Are they irresponsible too? What about any physical line of work that carries the chance of serious bodily harm?"

This is interesting because once again Australia has lost a great man, motor racing legend Peter Perfect-Peter Brock (Brocky) He was killed yesterday in a rally race. He retired from professional motor racing almost 10years ago and had entered a rally that I think was for charity either way he was killed and Australia is once again in mourning.

"This man dangled his baby over the side of a boat over the open jaws of a crocodile."

This statement is ridiculous and perhaps you need to do some research.
Start here.

They're both interviews with Steve Irwin on an Australian tv show. The first is a replay from 2003, the second is Steve & Terri in 2004 talking about the "Baby Bob incident"

He seems like he was such a genuine man who loved his family so much.
Not being an animal lover I never watched his program but as an Australian you'd have to be living under a rock not to know who he was.

It's been a very weird week.

although I am vacationing in Finland right now and have been since before Steve Irwin's death, as an American I have to say that I disagree with 'name removed's' comment. I do not know a single person in the US, personally, who thinks he was an asshole for the life he lived....I always found him charmingly offbeat and funny and everyone I know has basically the same opinion. Other comments have defended him more eloquently than I can in such a short amount of time.

Please do NOT speak for all Americans.

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