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An absolutely essential site - www.snopes.com If you get an email you don't quite know whether to believe or not, you can bet it's on snopes. They confirm or discredit a lot of "urban legends". Plus it's a hilarious (or sometimes scary) place to snoop around in - some of the urban legends are just priceless, and the owners of the site are quite witty, and write well. I annoy my friends by sending them back a link to the relevant page when they send me crap about a dying child requesting bottle tops or "forward this to 50 people and you'll get $500". Here's a good one to start you off... http://www.snopes.com/music/artists/rockstar.asp

I've just discovered u tube too - it's great! Thanks for all the cool stuff.

I like to check in on this webcam located in South Africa..lol...here's the link:


And I read several celebrity websites and lots of blogs...

I love LibraryThing. www.librarything.com It's a catalogue site for recording your book collection, and also a social place to discuss what you're reading, find others with similar libraries, and even link to book swapping sites. It's very easy to enter books by ISBN number, using Amazon catalogues and other libraries to search for the correct edition, even the image of the book cover. You can create tags for your books, to record the subject, which bookshelf it's on, or anything else you'd find useful. You can give your books a star rating, or write a review, and read others. There are export and import features, and you can even show books from your library collection on your blog. It's quite addictive.

Just 2 words, Google Earth. The best thing I have ever found on the Internet (and believe me, I've been around lol)

I did an article about it on my blog (no, not a shameless plug, but could be v helpful for those who aren't familiar with how to get it and/or how to use it)



I love www.paperbackswap.com. Right now it's only available in the U.S., but I have saved boatloads of money trading my books for books I want to read, rather than keeping all those old books that I know I'll never read again around, and shelling out good money for the new books, too. For the price of postage, you swap your books with other users. It's very easy, and lots of fun. There are social aspects to the site, too (messaging, chat, etc.) but I don't much get into that. Who has time?

I also love www.savingdinner.com - I subscribed to the menu mailer for a year (it sends you a grocery list and 6 recipes every week, and you make them for dinner - figuring out what to make is always the hardest part for me!) and archived them, and now I just reuse the weeks when I feel like I need a change from the usual dinners I cook. I'm going to get my freezer cleaned out, eventually, then do the Mega Menu Mailer (I'm due to have a baby in April, so maybe I'll get it done before then?). I've been very impressed with almost all of the recipes I've tried, and they're created by a nutritionist, so they're healthy.

I am also a devotee of Gmail/Google Calendar/Google Reader, etc. I'm not sure what people did before Google. In fact, in the future I expect that time will be divided into B.C., A.D., and A.G. (After Google). :)

www.allrecipes.com is an awesome site. You can enter ingredients you have on hand and it will list recipes. You can save recipes, rate recipes, sort by type of dish. Very well organized and easy to use site!

Sploofus is great fun. It's a trivia website where the users make up the trivia quizes. They send you a question every day and you get (worhtless) points for answering and tkaing quizes. But it's fun for competitive people and just for wasting some time.


Long time reader first time comment! Don't know why (was feeling shy, I guess).

One site we triple love is Dropshots.com we are able to upload pictures and videos like crazy for our families to all enjoy.

We love it.

Okay, I have a website to share that is PURELY for HYSTERICAL ENTERTAINMENT. YOU MUST TRY THIS OUT! And then, visit MY blog for a little show!


I like the Colour Game at paintcafe.com. It's designed to help you learn more about your colour preferences and give you decorating palettes that suit your taste based upon a very interesting 7-question quiz.

My answers might be a little different than the others... I like to find unusual, but interesting sites and I keep an eye out on them...

Every Sunday, they post new postcards on Post Secret's web site (http://postsecret.blogspot.com/). People send in secrets on a postcard and they publish them online.

I also enjoy the website cockeyed.com (http://www.cockeyed.com/). The author is always doing crazy stuff and experiments and writes about them in a very funny way.

Another interesting site is found magazine (http://www.foundmagazine.com/). People send in notes and other things they find out in the world. Check it out!


Go to snopes to find out if the "please forward so that money goes to cancer research" emails are real or bogus. Also v. entertaining to go through the new urban legends.


My favorite site. People send in post cards/art with their secrets. They post new ones each Sunday. Also a v. good book.


People send in things that they find--letters, pictures, objects. V. interesting. Also a good book.


Hilarious. Don't know if all of them are real.


Find a grave on many people world wide. Great for research or curiosity.


The introduction is hilarious. 2 stuffed animals are "kidnapped" and taken accross the US. It has been over for years but it is still a good read.


I like IMDB (http://www.imdb.com), it has all the movie news and info you will ever need


GREAT for group video. :)

For people who don't have time to see movies: www.themoviespoiler.com

For hilarious snarky recaps of tv shows and great discussion forums: www.televisionwithoutpity.com

snark on "fashion" www.gofugyourself.com

Oooh, I have this really great site I visit every day and read up on anything from child rearing to dealing with in-laws, relatives, emotions, work and home, etc. You'd love it!



I love craigslist.org and freecycle.org. Craigs List is like a want-ad site, but you can also find free stuff there - our pre-k teacher found a HUGE cool structure for free that ended up being a STAGE (and castle) in her room! Very cool! Freecycle is all about recycling things you don't want/need anymore and giving them to someone who CAN use them. Love it.

I also like some pretty specific sites, like www.astros.com and my baseball team. And, I have GOT to stop in at http://theearlyedition.blogspot.com at least every day for my dose of Days Of Our Lives (soap opera)reading!

Bloglines rox. As does Freecycle. And this one:

www.moo.com/flickr - you can make 'business' cards from your Flickr photos, totally cool. They are narrower than regular cards, but i can just imagine you would get some amazing shots of South African spring flowers and make them into groovy cards. THey aren't that expensive, you can make 100 photos each totally unique for US$20 (free shipping in September). Totally awesome!

I enjoy playing witht he NameVoyager here: http://babynamewizard.com/namevoyager/lnv0105.html

Let's you see how popular a name was for new babies (I think only in the US, sorry) for any particular year. Cool flash animation and I can see how popular names are for the second baby I'm not having for at least two more years.

I also like Karl's Mortgage Calculator at http://www.jeacle.ie/mortgage/ so that I can calculate how much money I'm saving by adding just a little to the mortgage payment each month. You can also change the terms and rates so you can see about car payments and anything else you are financing as well. Cool. But then, I'm a nerd like that.

Ooh lots of good ones arlready mentioned! I have a few to add:

http://video.google.com/ So I can embed videos into my baby girl's blog. Very handy!

http://spreadsheet.google.com/ Because I am a total nerd and I love spreadsheets. Now I can have my favorite spreadsheets on any computer.

http://www.rarebirdfinds.typepad.com I co-post on this blog and we have a lot of really cool and unusual shopping finds. I plan to do my Christmas Shopping from it!

My life-saver.

Probably only rally helpful to Jews, but useful to those who have Jewish friends, or a reason to know when Jewish holidays are.

Love it, love it, love it. Although (and I hate to admit it) mapquest is better for driving directions.

And I second (or third? fourth?) www.snopes.com
I hate when people send me stupid "This is TRUE!" emails. I'm just obnoxious enough that I send *them* the snopes link disproving their TRUE email.

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