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We had a cat who I am sure used to think similar thoughts. the cat could se how much attention the babe was getting and got envious. He used to place himself between me and the babe and also was never a lap cat but started to plonk himself on laps - kind of like 'here I am straight under your nose, you can't ignore me now'. I definitely used to feel a bit guilty about that.

Okay... what's up with giving us dog pics all of a sudden? We don't want twin doggies, we want twin TODDLERS.

(They are cute as hell, though. :) )

I think it's great that you honour the 4-legged children by putting up their pictures. After all they probably helped pull you through the hard times. If you are anything like me, those pups are the ones who heard more about what's going on inside you than anyone else, and somehow they always look as if they understand. They were there to hug and play with when facing the rest of the world just got too much. Soon the children will be old enough to play with them, then all will be honky dory again, and you won't have to feel guilty. Unless I complete misinterpreted the picture and it's the twins who wish they could have the freedom of playing outside on the grass all the time? Celesté
PS Lawn's looking marvelous!

I found a kitten who was 3 weeks when I was 8 1/2 mos pregnant. I bottle fed it, taught it how to go to the bathroom, loved on her. She used to sleep up on my neck. When Ava was born she was insanely jealous. I'd be nursing the baby and the cat wanted to be sleeping in her regular spot i.e the nursing area. This went on for 3 or 4 months. FINALLY she settled on being on TOP of me while I was nursing the baby. Even now 2 years later she still needs 2x daily mommy/kitty time. Once after I put Ava down for a nap and then when I go to bed. Poor kitty. lol

Cute doggies! Are they ever allowed indoors? they look very sweet.

When are you going to let the "other" twins be apart of the family, huh? Your Rhodesian's are beautiful and I know they guard the family but they're family too...sorry T, I just love dogs immensely.

I am sure in your IF days you thought they might be your babies for ever. Are you feeling some guilt over banishing the first set of twins to the yard? If they are good with the kids I would let them all play together. Nothing like a boy with his dog.

They both look like they desparetely want to play with each other. Our dog doesnt like babies or toddlers but adores my big kids. He just growls at them, never ever nips or bites and walks away when they get too close.

Aw poor doggies, why don't you let them in to play with the kids or the kids out to play with them?

Poor, poor pups!!
My dogs got knocked down on the priority list too when our daughter came home!

Seems everyone's got a bit of the green-eyed monster! HAHA

They are quite stout, aren't they? The dogs, not the kids... Won't they play nice? The kids, not the dogs... hee-hee! Let them out!

Aw, poor pups. Banished to the yard behind the gate. Do they not play well with the babes? Or do you prefer to keep them "guard dogs"? We've been training our pup right from the get-go to be gentle with babies. Now all we need is a baby.

sweet darling hounds!! I have two beautiful girls who incidentally are the same colour as your dogs. When Jake is sleeping we bring the doggies inside and have a bit of a cuddle and a treat (dried liver; yum!). They know how much we still love them! They are great with jake and he loves them and is very gentle with them which I am grateful for.

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