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fuck a doodle doo...

you rock. you can say fuck as much as you like to me.

I don't swear that much myself, but it doesn't bother/offend me when others do, as long as it is within reason. Eg, if someone was to say, "That is fucking bullshit" about the thing we were talking about yeah fine, but if out of no where they threw in a string of curse words just for the hell of it then I might be miffed (depends on who is saying it really lol). I say be yourself, thats why people want to talk to you in the first place, if they don't like it then they can always talk to someone else.

you can't go to aa meetings and be offended at swear words. it's just too common. besides, any word that can be almost every word in a sentence is really a beautiful word: fuck the fucking fuckers!

and if anybody doesn't like it, fuck them.

tho ... don't say fuck in front of the C-H-I-L-D.

As an Olympic level swearer (as you know if you've ever read my Other Blog),I have to try all day every day to tone myself down for 'normals'

I do consider it rude to cuss around folks who may be offended. No sense in offending anyone just 'cause I can't be arsed.


I don't cuss a lot but I certainly wouldn't mind it in an e-mail, especially as it relates to infertility.

Depends who I'm talking to. I have two different mouths. One for friends, one for family/work. Doesn't mean I don't cuss under my breath around the second party though ;)

I don't cuss very often (but I love the word cuss for some reason!). I will use the F word alone when I'm angry, or in the very rare occasion when DH and I are fighting. I prefer damn it, or "what the hell".....milder things like that. The only time cussing bothers me is when DH and I are fighting and he throws the F word around just to piss me off. In your blog, it is funny. If I received an email from you and it had the F word or other cuss words in it, my first thought would be "awww.....she's comfortable enough with me to cuss!" lol All in all, doesn't offend or bother me.

I say fuck ALOT.

It is offensive to alot of people but it just slips out of my mouth like the word AND or SO. Just like a "regular" word. I am working on getting better...

heh - at the risk of sounding strange/old fashioned - I have to say that I'm one of those not comfy with swearing type people. Certain words do upset/offend more than others - for example the whole Deity-as-a-cuss-word thing upsets more regularly than any other cuss word IMHO (this is especially true for those more religiously inclined).

Even now, I try to get my SO to NOT swear (ever tried getting a man to NOT swear when his fave team is loosing or when he is cut off by a taxi in rush hour and he is running late or when he is loosing at his new PC game??!!?? - good luck!) so that it will be easier when the K-I-D arrives. (The idea being that it's easier to not have the habbit than trying to tame it later)

For me, I'm more offended when people swear while talking to me that about reading the words in a book, or e-mail (or blog :D).

That's my personal opinion. I do however feel, that you gotta be you, and those who know you and are your friends will understand you - that goes for those who swear and those who don't (cuts both ways). And in a friendship/understanding, I think both parties will try to understand and respect each others differences.

Hope this makes sense

Me, me, me! I have a funny story!

My father likes to make full and comprehensive use of every anglo-saxon available to him. My mother (when they were still together) complained to him about his swearing in front of us, which obviously made no difference whatsoever to how much he swore.

The result is that of the five of us, three swear copiously and two are prissy "don't let my lips be sullied by those bad bad words" type people. (incedentally, we NEVER swore as children, just in case anyone were worried about the effect on their children- children are very good at distinguishing "acceptable" from "not acceptable" in most situations beyond toddlerhood)

Which bring me to the funny story. Most of have children now, and occasionally take them to see their grandfather. Which is what one of my No Swear sisters did on this occasion with her then just 3 year old.

"Don't say "fuck" in front of Rufus", she admonished our father.

"No", chimed in Rufus. " Don't say fuck in front of me."

My father has been dining out on that one ever since, and Rufus is now 8.

I swear way more than I should as well. Fuck is one of my faves too. To be honest, though, unless I am positive about the other person's reaction, I really try to censor myself.

Sometimes at work, I'll be telling a story that really needs a fuck. I work overnight we basically say what we want (as in, don't have the same obligation to be all straightlaced for people who aren't there at night). I have said it and felt a tension in the room after (imagined?). Still, I would check out my audience first. Some of the older workers don't appreciate it (and some of them teach me NEW swear words).

Strangly, though, I get a little offended if someone I don't know that well starts letting F bombs fly. Not offended that they used the words in front of my delicate ears, more like "you don't know who the fuck I am or how I'll react! You could TRY to be more polite!". Then I get over it.

It doesn't bother me at all. It makes me think of Bridget Jones's friend Shazzer, "Likes to say fuck.... a lot."

If the emailer is a reader of your blog...it seems to me that if they were really truly offended by swearing, they would have quit reading it and would not be sending you emails anyway (except perhaps to complain about the swearing)! I say go ahead and swear when you respond to readers...other family/friends I don't know about though.

I'm in the no-swearing camp myself, but I don't have a heart attack if someone does swear.

I agree with Lauryan about the Diety stuff- way more offensive if you are a believer of any stripe!

However, if I email you and want you to respond- I don't think I have a whole lot of ground to stand on if I demand that you not swear. I've read your blog afterall! I do find that over time, people tend to swear less around me simply because I don't reciprocate. Seems to work for both parties and there is never any need to talk about it.

I'd censor myself around people I don't know in real life. Because some people are offended, why take the chance of offending someone unneccessarily? In emails, in relation to infertility - have at it.

However... if you don't want to be doing it in front of your children... why do it at all? Isn't that do as I say, not as I do? If you want to swear, own it all around, and to hell with silly rules.

Which takes me back to the days when my now ex-husband did pot. I told him if he was going to do it, don't hide it, cause that made the kids confused why his brain suddenly left, and it'd make them even more curious and determined to find out the 'secret'. His choice was to take it to his shop and do it there. Hmmm ... thanks for the memory.

Maybe the assholes shouldn't fucking email you if they dont like they way you fucking talk??
hehehe just maybe...
Ok I'm done


As I was reading your post, I was thinking that the swearing thing is similar to how I worry about dealing with the particularly religious.

I suspect they would appreciate me signing an email with a "You're in my prayers" or a "God Bless", but I'm just not that into God.

I'd sooner be me (and let them know who me is) than pretend I'm something different for the sake of someone else.

Well fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

I cuss like a drunken sailor most days. Icould probably make the worst of them blush with my salty talk.

I curb it around the kids unless some asshole happens to piss me off while in the car then all bets are off.

My grandmother always told me that a woman who swore showed a lack of breeding and class. Maybe she was right? I don't know. I do know that hollaring out carrot cake or bean soup after smashing my foot in the door is not as soothing as letting loose with a stream of profanities.

Sorry grandma.

I don't know why the fuck you are asking us if you should fucking curse in your own fucking emails.


I am not a swearer and dislike HEARING swear words- if my ears could cringe they would. BUT, I am totally OK with reading swear words- odd, huh?

I don't know what causes this. I really don't mind reading the swear words and using my 'inner narrator' to put the emphasis on the words as they would sound if spoken (and usually smile a little bit while doing that!)- but truly my ears do a weird cringey thing when I hear them spoken out loud. I am odd. Fuck.

Fuck no! I don't fucking mind! :) How, may I ask, can someone be the mother of twins and NOT say fuck? I just said "Oh, fuck me" 20 minutes ago when twin B spat up all over himself. I swear (no pun intended) that my boys, first words are going to be "Shitfuckgodamn!"

NOt a curser, but it also doesn't really bother me if that is the way other people are.

You gotta be you!

Oh for fuck's sake...

'Fuck offff'

Far canal ...

I am a bit of a cusser too but I guess you need to know a little of where and when and with who.

I'm a pretty big cusser, and well...I still tend to do it around my kids, one of them is old enough to bad vs. Good words. I know it's hypocritical or whatever, but there is tons of crap we don't let kids do that adults do.

I have tried to eliminate fuck from the vocab casually. But I drop Damn, Hell and shit AAAAAAAALLOOOOTTTTT a WHOLE lot. I think laregly because I just don't seem them as offensive...like at all.

I quit my job recently. Well, before I quit, I found evidence that they were trying to FIRE ME FOR CUSSING. I'm serious! There were written reports and witnesses (my coworkers) and everything. It was ridiculous, especially because nobody would ever say anything to my face, just tell my boss that they had heard me say so and so. I'm so glad I'm out of "corporate merika" and I never want to go back!


I have no problem toning down my language, but you gotta ask me...I can't read your mind!

I'm not a big cusser. Whenever I do say 'fuck', the conversation stops dead in its track and whoever I'm talking to will stare at my in shock and say something along the lines of, "I can't believe you just swore!" I've come to the conclusion that I obviously can't cuss with any authority, so I just don't bother. I don't have any problems with other people swearing though. Having said that, I don't want others swearing in front of my daughter. She'll learn those words soon enough, and I when she does, I want her to be old enough to know that some words should be used with discretion, if at all.

Fuck, if the fucking fuckers can't handle an odd fuck here and there, well tell them to take a flying fuck and fuck the fuck off.

I'mpretty sure Ruby's first words will have either Fuck or SHit included. yeah, I'm the best mom ever :)

I enjoy swearing, quite a bit. Fuckwit, motherfucker and JesusFuckingChrist are my personal favorites. So go ahead and swear, fucker. Enjoy! I love your blog!

I am a semi-reformed swearer. B/c of little ears I've found all sorts of tamer expressions to use. The only exception is the spontaneous 'Shit' when i've just injured myself or something.

Doesn't bother me when you swear or other's swear unless the kids are within earshot. Although sometimes I feel like people really overdo it- meaning if fuck is every other word out of someone's mouth I think they need to work on expanding their vocabulary just to keep life interesting.

It does bother me extremely to hear children swear. In fact my 6yo recently picked up the expression "What the . . . " and started using it ALL the time. She doesn't even say any other word, but my mind adds the fuck for her and it drives me crazy. I finally told her I'd rather she say "What the heck" at least then I'm not left wondering what she was gonna say.

As for swearing in an email response, I don't think it is a big deal (properly placed), but I think the above readers were correct to mention that using a Deity-as-a-cuss word would probably be inappropriate.

I swear all the time and I actually used that exact phrase "I f*cking hate that sh*t" in an instant message to a friend today, who (I'm pretty sure) wasn't offended. But sometimes I swear and I'm like, hmm, did I just embarrass myself? So I think it just depends on who you're with?

Oh, I'm a big fucking swear-word user. But I usually keep it tame on my blogs - I usually wait for others to drop the first F-bomb before I respond in kind, because I've embarrassed myself before.

I swear all the fucking time. (Although in front of the kid, I've incorporated some quaint substitutes, such as "What the heck?!?" and "That bozo!" and "Dangit!" But he knows that the heavy-duty swear words are "grown-up words" that kids aren't supposed to use. Like beer is a grown-up drink. It's really not hard for a child to grasp the distinction.

Being completely un-lordy around our house, we toss out "Jesus Christ!" as an expletive. The kid uses that one the same way we do, which cracks me up. It somehow seems wrong to teach him that Jesus Christ is a swear word just for grown-ups, because he has some lordy cousins who don't take his name in vain.

(You know what the lordy types are thinking about me, I bet? "What an asshole!")

I love swearing. I've even been known to use the dreaded C word on many an occasion (only about a situation, I can't use it on a person). But I don't swear on my blog, knowing that my parents and my grandmother reads it, and they HATE HATE HATE swearing. So I just don't.

But in real life I swear. A lot.

Sometimes I wish I didn't swear so much, but... fuck it!

I never used to swear. Then I grew up, joined the real world, and let rip. I don't swear at all in front of the kids, and generally limit my use, but I love a well-placed fuck in a blog or email. And to tell you the sick truth, one of the reasons I really love your blog is that you DO swear. Keep it up!

Better to avoid it in emails, unless you know the person uses those words casually too. You're a published writer - you can find other expressions just as emphatic!

I'm trying not to swear in front of my 6 year olds, and it's really hard. When I'm suddenly frustrated, or injured, the bad words fly out before I remember who is listening. Very unattractive, especially when they innocently repeat something I've said.

A good mom friend of mine who never swears, that I've heard, told me this story yesterday. At the mailbox, with an elegant neighbour woman nearby, her 4 year old son said to his 6 year old sister,
"Knock knock."
She replied "Who's there?"
"Fuck who?"
He paused, not having a good answer ready.
My mortified friend marched her kids along the street for a quiet discussion. "What did you say, Jack? What was that word again?"
and her daughter helpfully answered, "He said FUCK, mom. And I said FUCK WHO!" very loudly. My friend wanted to melt into the sidewalk and die of shame...
Apparently they heard this word from some teenage cousins. They don't know the meaning, but wanted to try it out.

Good luck cutting back, if you decide you want to.

Okay, you have opened a can of worms. I LOVE the f-word. I do not say it around children. I do not cuss around children, but I can sure be creative (without hardly trying) when it comes to the f-word.

About ten years ago my husband and I were traveling and we got caught up in horrible road constuction. I was hungry, had to pee, and very restless when a rude driver cut us off. All of a sudden a new word came out - I blurted out fuckfacefucker. That felt doubley good.

I also use it between compound words. Hotfuckingdog, eyefuckingball, assfuckinghole...

Can also be used in the middle of words. Terfuckingrific, absofuckinglutely, surfuckingprise, befuckingware...

It is truly one of my weaknesses. Quite a stress reliever.

When it comes to infertility, fuck is a necessity and not a swearword. If anybody is offended when I say fuck I say ‘Hey sorry, you probably thought I said ‘fuck’, what I did say was ‘Phuck’ with a P H.’ No-one can stop you from inventing new words. Have a fucking good day!

I think that saying fuck at least once every waking hour is essential to happiness and good digestion.

I love Fuck. Like you - it goes with anything and everything. Every situation, good or bad gets a Fuck. I love love that word. The only people I dont use it round are my grandparents. I dont find it offensive in my emails - but if someone even mutters the C word near me I go red, sprout horns and erupt. I hate that word.

I also know what its like web wise. I run a board for Mums Due - and even asterix swearing can be a bit much at times for some - its keeping the even balance isnt it?

So, just to let you know - Fuck is fine with me!

I swear ALOT, but do draw the line if the cussing involves God in any way......that just pisses me off!!!!!!

I'm one of those people that don't mind people cursing sometimes, and mind on some other times, depending on the circumstances (my mood, the person saying it, the way of which they say it, and such). There are though some people who are totally offended by cursing words, so in my opinion it's always safe to restrain from using it unless said person know you, or is comfortable enough with you, etc. I used to really hate people cursing as I came from a society whereby cursing is really considered offensive and nobody near me utter a lot of them, but I came to know an american who swears a lot and I eventually overcame that curse-hatred I had. Still though, I can relate since I once had a negative view of people who curse, and I say drop it if you're not sure if it's offensive to the person. In some cases you could even lose potential friends cuz of it. And hon, I think there are a lot more words to use to replace fucking, try freaking, or in my friend's case he had to use the word funking instead of fucking cuz I just couldn't stand that word at all, but now he just swears whenever. That son of a bitch. Ha!

I swear, I'd be a dribbling halfwit if I didn't. I mean ffs, I'm infertile I'm old I'm hormonal of course I"m going to swear. but I do tame it down for emails freaking works just as good as fucking.

Your you, you swear you call those your fond of assholes dont go all published writer prim on us (sorry that was a shot at some comment I read) if you know the person reads your blog fuck away if your not sure fuck it unless it's business be you, you may just be the reason for a well deserved COSM.and we all love those.

My other favourite word, apart from fuck, is CUNT.

Fucking shit fucking cunt, fuck fuck, shitty fuck, shitty cunt fuck.

Such a lovely word, cunt.

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