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Wow, wow, wow. How amazing are you? Congratulations to you, Tertia. And thank you for doing this. All the best to you.

Congrats!!! I can't wait until it comes to Canada!

Thank you, Tertia. And not just for giving me credit ;) but for sticking it out and documenting it all.

You give me courage to do the same. And, in that vein, should you have any advice, I'm all ears with regards to publishing.


Ever thought of using Ebay to send your book to all us impatient So Close lovers of the world?

I'm very excited to read your book!

Ha! I love that the reviewer mentioned your swearing! That's one of the things I love about you, T. And it's so true - I had a particularly bad week, so bad that in my post about it, I *had* to use the 'f' word. I couldn't not.

Mazal tov! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you, and your post blatantly reveals how excited YOU are about the publication. I can't wait for North American publication...

Congratulations T! What a fucking amazing accomplishment. You rock!

Dear Tertia

I am so pleased for you and so proud of you. Your book is a wonderful accomplishment, and will do a lot of good.

And I won't be waiting till it turns up in Australia - I will be ordering it asap!


Can't wait to buy it!!! Please get it on Amazon fast!!! Congratulations Tertia!!!

Another lurker from the US peeking out to say BIGGEST congrats on the successful birth of this baby...I know it was another labor of love that will have as beautiful an outcome as the two lovely crumb-droppers whose pictures we all love to see. Can't wait to get a copy and to tell every female I know to buy a copy.

CONGRATS!!! Wonderful, wonderful, can't wait to read it!

Tertia! CONGRATS on the book! What an exciting time! I will look forward to picking up copies over at Exclusive Books (love their coffee) when I get over there in September! ROCK ON!

Congratulations, Tertia! Can't wait until it is available in the states.

Well-done Princess T.

Congratulations! How very exciting for you!!

Congrats! So proud of you!!! Way to go!

HUGE congratulations!!! Getting goosebumps. You are a woman of many many MANY talents. Screw the spatula - who needs to know how to cook, esp for someone like you!

p.s. Why the spoons on the cover? Did I miss something..?

Congratulations! Can't wait to get my copy.

Those aren't spoons... they're sperms. I like the cover! It's cute. Damn all we need is one.

How could I order the book and have it delivered to my country? I'm very much interested. Maybe I could help you have it published in my country.

congratulation girlfriend, and thanks for sharing.
looking forward to read the book

Congratulations Ms Tertia, great to see that someone I know is an author!!! Will buy it for sure and hope to share a few bottles of chilled Meerendal Sauvignon Blancs soon. At least you did TRY HARDER.xxx

Hi, I just happened upon your website/story and would love to get your book! I'm a fellow TTC, preemie mom (also a twin angel mom). I live in California, USA. Liz. I blog my story too. www.alizard.com

hi tertia!
bought the book off kalahari.
read the book.
cried some more.
told my mom about it.
told friends and colleagues about it.
read it again.
passed it on to a colleague who is also a friend!
fabulous tertia!
i couldn't put it down- and my mom has dibs on it already for when my friend is finished with it!

Hi Not read your book but I see you have tried 9 times. We have 6 times and we are down and now asking whats wrong . us or clinic . must we try new Dr and clinic . when do you stop. Dr´s say everthing is good no problems eggs good sent for tests and then the the negative news. Need some advice Thanks Johan and Bia

going to buy the book....

Read your book, ...............wow what a journey, i still can't get over the emotional high's and lows,and the tears I've experienced over the last few days while reading all about your journey.
great one!,
ps: you should send Opprah a copy!!. just a thought.

I recently got my copy of your book from Amazon which I am thoroughly enjoying. I just thought I'd share with you - when I saw the picture of your book on your blog, I always thought they were sperm on the cover (you can see where my mind is) and it wasn't until I had it in my hands that I realized they were spoons!!!

Hi guys. The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny ...'
I am from Togo and learning to read in English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Discount travel resource for hotels, airline consolidators, and cruises."

Thank you very much ;-). Anoki.

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