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My son started with the morning breath too once he got to an age where he ate more then he drank.

It's NASTY stuff. I think it's probably worse then in an adult since they sleep longer and it has more time to get nasty. YUCK!

I was an infant-teacher at a daycare once upon a time. There was this baby girl, I'll NEVER forget her breath.

My 9 year old son has the breath of the devil when he wakes up.

Yes, when I pick up my 6-year-old, 60-lb sweet bundle of joy in the morning to carry all 4+ feet of him to the chair, I have to avert my head to avoid the breath of death. And he brushes his teeth before bed.

Yes, Branston was always like that though luckily not so much as he gets older. Now he keeps telling me my breath stinks!! Mmmmm, perhaps a joint visit to the dentist is called for! (For us, not you, I think after today you have had enough of the dentist chair)

My son has pretty bad morning breath, too. Acutally, his can last the whole day long. I've noticed that when he has sinus drainage, it's a lot worse.

Yeah, it isn't quite like puppy breath, is it? Makes you wonder what the flower, "Baby's Breath" REALLY smells like!

I think the "baby breath" ends when they start eating food. And the toddler toothpastes don't really do a very good job of fixing the nasty breath, either. We've switched and started our daughter on regular Crest (with lessons on how to spit as a side bonus) and that seems to help a bit.

Our Twins like to come into our bed at about 5am every morning, and they snuggle down to sleep a couple more hours with us, but they do like to cosy their faces into ours and PHEW!! They both have dreadful morning breath.. Im sure my Hubby and I do as well, but we have more manners than 5 year olds!

They brush their teeth last thing before bed, and drink alot of water, but to no avail. :)

Our 5 month old baby, on the other hand, has the sweetest breath! He tries to bite my nose, and I breath deeply of his lovely baby breath! But I know now that it will change!

And my cats breath is not even to be mentioned!

I suppose all mammals have stinky breath at some stage.

Felicity. :)

Two of my three have monster breath in the morning and we are very strict about good nighttime brushing around here. They all eat exactly the same foods. It makes me wonder why only one of them doesn't singe my nose hairs in the morning. Lucky Devil.

My 3.1/2yr has afternoon nap breath and morning breath. We brush everyday too but the delightful breath is still there. Once he has had something to eat and drink it disappears. So, no fear for Adam, he'll get himself a wife one day and won't have to opt for Charlie...lol

Been there. Hopefully they outgrow it some day


Oh no! the Morning Breath of Death! Both of my children are guilty of that, but at least the oldest understands and we just wave our hands in front of our face and she drinks/eats or brushes her teeth before we continue the conversation! The younger one likes to climb into bed with me and sleep facing me after Daddy goes off to work! Blech. It actually turns my stomach!

I think it's more to do with teeth than anything. So far, my eleven month old eats more things (including garlic!) than she drinks, but she only has six teeth up front, so there's not much for the food to cling to. She still has nice morning breath.

Given time, I'm sure that would change.

Have you sterilized their soothers recently? Might help if there's they're trying to grow bacteria farm on them.

Does Adam snore? My three year old snored and had bad breath. The snoring was so loud that I finally asked the doctor about it and she said his tonsills were huge. We ended up at a ear nose and throat doctor who said the tonsills needed to be removed. The snoring is gone and the breath is better... just a thought.

My son (3 yrs.) has had horrifying morning breath since he turned 1. My daughter (4 mos.) doesn't have it yet, but I imagine it'll appear when she stops night-nursing. I get stinky breath when my tummy's empty, and I think the same thing happens to my kids.

My nephew (now 16) used to have the *worst* morning breath, and he was a binky user too. We called it his "pluggy breath" (dummy = plug!). Now, neither of my girls ever used a pacifier, but both still suck digits (one her thumb, the other her index finger). The thumb-sucker's breath is mostly fine; the index finger sucker's breath is noxious at times, but I think she sucks far more than her sister does, hences the fetid breath.

Either way, despite excellent oral hygiene, there you have it. As one poster put it, the breath of death. :)

Is Adam a mouth-breather (as opposed to a nose-breather)? My daughter is a mouth breather and I've read that that contributes to bad breath. She's getting her adenoids and tonsils out in 2 weeks to help her breathe through her nose.

Austin does too - I think it comes from his tonsils though not his teeth.

Holland sometimes has TERRIBLE morning breath! They're a match made in heaven (well, heaven or the internet).

It is completely related to mouth breathing at night. One of my daughters has HUGE tonsils so she mouth breathes at night AND she sucks on her fingers so even if she could close her mouth to breathe she just doesn't. Her morning breath could knock the stink off a skunk. If Adam sleeps with the pacifier its most probable that it is keeping his mouth open even when he's not sucking since its just hanging in between his teeth/lips. It is either that or he is mouth breathing for other reasons (large tonsils or allergies, for example) and you should discuss it with his pediatrician.

Scottie has horrible morning breath! So does Scott though so I'm wondering if its heredity.

my baby is two years old,his breath smell like something crawled up in him and die. I don't know what to do, i brush his teeth about 4 to 5 times a day it does no good.

Thank you for bringing up yhis kind fo problem,bad breath is one of the yuck smell ever so do something to prevent this,i think toothbrushing three times a day will be a big helped.

by: florence

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