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I'm pretty young (22) but also have been thinking of that b/c I have some pigmentation from sun (grew up in Miami) and some little darker spots from pimples, so I'm also interested in what people have to say about this. Does it make skin very sensitive to sun after? Does it show difference after just once?
Sorry Tertia for stealing your blog! I visit quite often and am quite entertained by it. Your teeth look great!

Here's quite a good (and lengthy!) article written by a plastic surgeon:


It seems like generally it is quite safe, and can be effective (within limitations). It did mention needing repeat treatments.

Good luck if you decide to go with it! Also, I've read a few articles not recommending the "do it yourself" type kits...get it done professionally.

I can safely tell you that microderm. is a great way to make your skin feel better, look younger and literally make it glow. I work in this field, and if its done right, by a professional, you'll love the results!

To get great results, you'll need a series of microderm treatments. Just one will make a bit of a difference, but not really worth it in my opinion (to do just one as opposed to a series.)

A year ago I did a microderm series -- and it was nice. This year (now going to a different spa)they suggested a gycolic peel series; I definitely see better results with the peel series than I did with the microderm series.

Just my experience -- (also, I am older -- maybe results vary depending on age? I don't know!)

I've never tried microdermabrasion (I was told I can't because I'm prone to those irritating little broken veins and apparently it makes them much worse), but I've treated pigmentation twice - first time was with Retin A. Worked brilliantly, and tidied up all little fine lines as well. Left my skin feeling wonderful, but took about three months to work completely.

That was ten years ago. I picked up a bad pigmentation patch on my cheek in April this year, and I've just treated it with Philosophy 'Help me', and 'Hope and a Prayer', both Retinol treatments, and the pigmentation is pretty much gone again after two months of treatment. I would have preferred Retin A, but they won't prescribe it in the UK.

I think it depends on how long it's been there - if it's a long-standing problem you will probably need something 'tougher' like IPL (laser) or a peel.

With my first 10 IVF treatments, I got the "pregnancy mask" or melasma, but no pregnancy.

After I had my twins, the marks on my face were horrible. I pumped until they were 13.5 months, and then I went to the dermatologist. We tried months of glycogen to try and bleach it but it just gave me pimples. I got retin-a for the pimples and that made my skin come off whenever I waxed my moustache.

I have just done my 3rd microdermabrasion and have not seen much improvement. I will be trying the laser treatment next. That is much more expensive, but it is supposed to be more effective. Luckily, I will be part of a trial group for the laser so it will be free, but I paid $100 for each micro treatment !! Horribly expensive, I think, for no visible results.

It depends how deeply the marks are embedded in your skin. What a thrill it was to discover that all those hormones for the IVF years were damaging my skin as well as my psyche ...

I microderm every other week. Sometimes every week. I bought Microdermabrasion from Mary Kay. Mary Kay is a cosmetic company here in the US, not sure if it is internationally..... it is the same as what they do in the dermatologist office....except cheaper! that is what I was told anyhow....it works great and really brightens and changes my skin for the better! congrats on your book too....there is no way to buy from those web sites from the US?

I've done it a couple of times, and though the dermabrasion itself doesn't hurt and makes my skin really smooth, the technician always gets after me with her little blackhead tool and messes with all the spots on my face and that hurts like a BITCH. My eyes always start to water whenever I do anything to the area around my eyes/nose/brows, so I end up with tears rolling down my cheeks while she's working away.
I also have a red face for a couple of days after, so don't do it last minute.

I've had microdermabrasion (the person who says she does it every week is not having real microderm -- if you did it every week you'd end up with serous skin damage). You're only supposed to do 6 treatments, several weeks apart. I didn't notice any improvement at all. My surgeon is after me to have a fotofacial instead.

Baking soda gives a pretty good "home microdermabrasion" in terms of getting rid of dead cells and freshening up your face. and costs only pennies!!!

To those who say they are doing micro at home - you're not. The home ones by Mary Kay and L'Oreal are little more than strong exfoliators, not true microdermabrasion. They work well for what they are, but it's nothing compared to true micro.

One of the things I love the most about you is your willingness to explore what you want.
If you think you will benefit, even just on a 'feel better' level, go for it.

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