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Well let me the first to congrat... oh wait. Whoops!

[Seriously though I did not notice the huge belly. I pictured the olive and well frankly I am disappointed. ;-)]


I barely noticed your action moves as my attention was immediately diverted to that thing in the background. Is that a neighbor's vehicle? I thought my 'hood was funky....

giggling helplessly....Are you dancing because you get to ride in that thing, or because you survived a ride in that thing?

Seriously, if you tell us that is Marko's car my image of him is just shot.

Olive?? What olive? Seriously, girl, you're crazy.

I was very disappointed in the olive after you had played it up so much. I am going to need a better picture of it if you want me to believe you. By the way, you look very young in those picture.

are you PRANCING?! love it!

you look great by the way!

It looks like you are trying to play football (soccor) without the ball!

You do look great!

Now you can explain to us what all the dancing is about? Is it celebrations re the braces. I too had to look long and hard for the olive, I still haven't found it. Can't wait for the pearly pics and I think a close up of the olive is in order as well...that's if you want us to believe you!

Ummmm...can't see the belly?? To quote Paris Hilton, you're HOT.

You don't have a big pregnant looking belly of any sort. You looked at that shape of a woman site. After seeing those women (and I look just like those women) how could you even say that?

I think you SHOULD get a truck like that one... *giggles*

It's uber sexy! :p

Okay, now I that woman who thought you were pregnant was off her rocker. You look the way I hope to look by my wedding. Inspiration!

I see no olive! I see a thin sliver of gherkin ;)

Girl, olive you have NOT got. You are going to have to come up with some other salad accessory to describe your body. NOT an olive, though!

Shut up about the belly already. You don't have one. And I'm not just being nice (seriously, according to my husband, I'm not capable of that hehe).

Though if photo essays like this one are going to be used as proof of the belly...well then, keep going. Because damn! Hehehehe

Can't see the olive. Not even a Kalamata....

But I love the action shots -- now get on with using that new camera and show us the teeth!

Your belly is totally smooth and gorgeous, are you sure you had twins? If I had your legs I wouldn't even worry about what my stomach looked like. I'd just slap on the support panty's, short skirt and be ready to go!

Um....what olive? What bellyl? I can't believe that lady thought you were pregnant. She's obviously legally blind.

Forget the damn olive, where's the teeth shot?

I've seen her in person! She has no olive! Before I clicked on the link, I was hoping it was that SA cooking travel guy, who was on BBC Food (or was it Discovery?) while I was there. I loved that show, and I'm bummed I don't get to finish it.

You are a dork. And thusly that is why you are well-liked. That sounds like something I would do. I knew it was bad the other day when I was standing on a chair removing wallpaper from the theoretical nursery, sweaty, wearing scuzzy work clothes, covered in pieces of gluey wallpaper, and I yelled to DH, "Honey, get the camera and take some pictures so I can blog this!"

You hope the neighbours didn't see you but you posted it on your blog!!! That's hilarious. What if they read your blog :)

Silly T. You do NOT look pregnant. Not even a little bit. I think you look fabtastic.

but where are the gorgeous teeth pics??? you've got the camera - am biting at the bit to get a look at that g&d mouth of yours ;-)

We like you too much to let you continue the mistaken delusion that you have an olive. We're the real pals who would tell you if you had something stuck in between your (now fabulous) front teeth. NO OLIVE, Tertia.

Tertia, if you look pregnant then I am in desperate trouble. I echo the others...NO OLIVE! That woman in the store clearly had no idea what she was talking about.

Dear Tertia

There is no way that you are an olive. In fact, you are so slim all over that it is downright irritating.

But I guess feelings about our bodies aren't about reality. I have the same kinds of issues.
I wrote about them this morning in a my bog, at:


okay- i do NOT see the "bloody olive"...
so- what kinda camera did you get?

Shit! If you look very pregnant then I'm like nine months pregnant with septuplets.
For a nice action photo (if your camera can do this) use a long-ish time exposure and run while the camera follows you. You should be clear but the background will be blurry. It make take a while to get it right but those pictures look amazing.

Am very dissapointed by your "Olive." Heh. That's NOTHING.

But am very intrigued by that car. It just looks so Large.

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