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Heh, I fell in love with rugby a few years ago, it's not even that bog of a sport here, sadly - BUT it must be the All Blacks, they don't play, they dance! I loved the handbag haka, must go see if I can download it from somewhere. Remember the All Blacks/Kilt commercial? Ahhh, good times.

Hee hee, as an Australian we're fine with your envy ;)

But Shane Warne IS a wanker, Brett Lee's not much better and Gregan is overrated!

HA! We love it :)

We actually have a commercial on TV here at the moment like that.


I don't get the history behind the handbag thing, but I do know a thing or two about rivalries...

As a New York Islanders fan (hockey), I am rooting for the Islanders, or any team playing again the NY Rangers. :)

You're on the money this this one Tertia. It's too funny. I'm Aussie and my husband is Maori and we're All-Blacks fans all the way. actually we always support New Zealand ahead of Australia. The kiwis need all the support they can get really. and, I mean, who the hell doesn't love seeing a good Haka?

I agree with Jenn, as a fellow aussie, Shane Warne is an embarrassing wanker. and to add to Lioness' comments, an add I liked even more than the all-blacks/kilts one, was the 'beer for the bear bro' All-Blacks Bundy ads. God, you just gotta love those accents...
:) Clare

I've never posted a comment before, but leave it to a rugby story to get me to unlurk.

Here's a link to the story behind the video.


Thanks for the post; those of us rugby fans in the US don't get much exposure. I myself played for about 7 years, and then coached for 2 years. Fun game.


I have no idea what this means.

-American Egg Donor

This is a similar one from the last world cup, but still cracks me up every time I look at it -->


absolutely laugh out loud funny! i saw it on tv!

It's about bloody time that you admitted that we're "so damn good and always beating us"!!!!

[Why is he a wanker, what am I missing??]

Oh Lioness, where to start???? Sooo many dodgy text msgs with models or crackwhores while still married and embarrassing videos of him with naked chicks. Ugh.

Tertia, bite me. You're just jealous.

What a great Ticker! Don't forget before and after pics! :)

Go the Wallabies! Yep, Warney and Gregan are tossers, I'll take Glenn McGrath any day.

Love this post Tertia!


LOVE IT!... TO call a team/player "Handbag" or "Handbagers" basically means that they played like girls...ie, a bit soft :)

I don't know much about Rugby or Soccer but that was hilarious! And those guys are HUGE! They look like American football players.

Pretty funny! Not much of a sports fan, but love a good joke. I followed your links and additional links and read a good bit about this. Yeah, I think this is a classic. Thanks for the short sports education.

we hate Shane Warne, too. he's seriously a disgrace to Australia!

S K Warne is an anagram of Wankers and he's proving that he is every bit the man who leads a solitary sexual existence.
Typical flawed genius & drug taker who is now revealing a nasty side to him, pretending to be KP's mate and then giving him pelters. Well the fat boy is getting plenty back and he doesn't like it up him! He should walk away from the game whilst his talent is still fresh in the memory.

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