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Errr... I just had to Google "Noddy". Does that make me cool or extra-extra uncool?

I have never heard of Noddy, is it a South Africa thing?

Definitely not a South Africa thing. My kids love Noddy, though here it the US (or at least here in AZ anyway) shows on the Sprout channel, which I think is PBS Kids? We haven't watched Sprout much lately.

I've seen it, but had no idea the character went back to the 40s. But judging just from the program -- a whole movie's worth of Noddy? My daughter might like it but I'm not sure I'd live...

Oooooohhhh, horror of horrors!!! Are you exposing your dear little ones to the sexual innuendo's of Noddy? What with him sleeping in the same bed as old Big Ears (rumours has it he's a big fat pedofile)???

a concerned citizen
PS Where can I get hold of some tickets?

My husband and I (and DD) saw Disney on Ice this winter and couldn't stop talking about it! Our friends w/o kids couldn't believe we were so excited about Tarzan on skates. Oh, and once you see the Wiggles Live there is no going back, you're never cool in the same way again.

I actually think Noddy was my daughter's first word. Well, maybe second, after daddy. Ungrateful brat.

Have NEVER heard of this, must look into my PBS here and see why we aren't carrying this. Seriously, here in the sticks, all we're good for are a few episodes of the Wiggles and marathon Spongebob episodes.

Okay, had to finish my post - Wiggles and Spongebob are not on Public Broadcasting Station...that would be our Caillou and DragonTales fix!

Noddy used to be on our local Public Broadcasting channel and I found it to be annoying and creepy. Teletubbies don't bother me, but Noddy . . .no, no, no. Damn theme song is STILL stuck in my head years later.

LOL!! HUGE Noddy fans here!

"Make way for Noddy *honk honk*"

This makes me think of a comment hubbie made a few weeks ago when Noddy came on...

DH -- "I hate this cartoon!!"
Me: "How could you possibly hate Noddy?!?"
DH: "No...I don't hate Noddy... It's just that everytime Noddy tries to do something, there's always someone screwing with him and getting in his way. Pisses me off! Can't they just leave Noddy alone for once??"

One of our funniest parent moments. :)

You think you're uncool? I haven't heard of Noddy, but can name all of the Telitubbies, sing a bazillion Barney songs and dance along with the Wiggles...and I don't even have any damn kids yet! Perhaps when I'm not preoccupied trying to make kids and I actually have them I'll figure out who Noddy is...although from the comments above he sounds a bit like an annoying pervert or something! :-)

Rather Noddy than Barney... as my hubby said recently... I thought dinosaurs were extinct!!??!! :p

Noddy is cool - you can even get the proper Noddy books again (sans the Golliwog of course!)

Another cool mom here, who LOVES noddy! Actually I love everything on kids sprout network!

I can't STAND Noddy... I was amazed that was who you were talking about!

Make way for Noddy, Noddy!

We are Noddy fans here, too.

I have never heard of Noddy, made me think of Moby and thought you got excited to go see some cool SA band. Not the case at all!
Hey, I just noticed the Neocounter, I'm one of the two reported from Mexico!

funny story. how true is that. before families, kids, etc...we THOUGHT we were hip and cool. NOw our hips hurt and we need a fan to stay cool. LOL

Never heard of Noddy. But, then again, I just found out Sesame Street has a platinum channel. *sigh*

All 'Sprout" (on cable) watching children and their adults know Noddy. I wonder if he tours in the US?

Apparently, Enid Blyton (creator of Noddy and a bunch of other children's books) tried to do a deal with an American publisher which fell through. As a result she held a grudge against Americans for the rest of her life and her books were never published in the U.S. Most Americans have never heard of Noddy, Famous Five, Faraway Tree etc. Too bad because I loved those books when I was a kid!!!

It's not just you. I used to be an ordinary person, and then I had a child. Now my heart leaps up when I behold a fire truck or ambulance or other non-normal vehicle, and if I am walking with normal adults I must restrain myself from pointing it out.

I had some ancient Noddy books as a child, and disliked them. Had no idea Noddy has been revived for this millenium, but I guess it's not surprising since so many other baby-boomer childhood things are coming around again.

But I know what you mean about getting excited about things that are exciting to my kids. We took them to the Wiggles Live show last year, and I think I was even more excited than they were. When they came on stage (after a big build-up) I clapped and cheered, and got a tiny tear in my eye, because I was so moved and grateful that they came all the way from Australia to small-city Canada, just to entertain my kids. I'm still kind of amazed.

Not very cool. But it was really fun!

the theme song always got stuck in my head... noddy is very cute, though :)

NODDY, the little man with the red and yellow car. Feck i'm gonna have that stuck in my head all day now.

Never heard of Noddy myself. We watch Noggin ALL the time. That and PBS. Between the LIons, Sesame Street, Blue's Clues, 64 zoo lane etc. OOBI, Fun times.

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