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Isn't it possible to make another typepad blog which ends differently? So after the / a different extension.

I'm not sure. And if you can't do that then you can always make it a click-through post so that your main page doesn't get clogged up or whatever.

Well, I come here to read about you and your stories - not someone else's. The others you referred to - the quilt, your sister's work, etc - all were connected to you in some way. Anyone with a bit of "celebrity" will be inundated with requests to use that power - for good, obviously. These are all good causes. But you if you completely weight down your blog with everyone's request it won't be your blog any more. I think a separate page, or a once a month thing would be absolutely fine and a wonderful thing to do. And if something really moves you, is really personal to you, or you just want to shout about it then you should do that, whenever and however you want. I love that you are so compassionate and love reading about things that have moved you so much.

I think to do it as a blogpost is allright but it means you must be prepered to see the mail increase a lot more and you will have to deal wuth scammers. I think it might be a whole lot of work ( I edit a churchpaper for a living so I'm not compeletely unfamiliar with these dilemma's)

I definitely think that a dedicated section or heading somewhere on the side which people are aware of - but can look at if they choose to. Your blog should be just that and not overtaken by people with their hands out - even if it is a good cause. I guess some have seen how you've managed to raise money for other things on your blog so are hoping you can do it for them too. Thing is it becomes a bit of a guilt thing after a while - not only for you because you can't help everyone out but on our end too because we can't help everyone out either and don't want to appear like stingy bastards if we don't contribute. I hope that's not too blunt.

Hi there,

what if you do something similar to your blogroll

?? that is just a link to a post, but something you can always update over and over.. make a little link on the side, once again, similar to your blogroll ?


Difficult one. I'd say definitely separate section, if possible or only personal projects.

There's also the monitoring thing to think about. How will you feel if you cut and paste up 4 charitable pleas and readers help as they can but then come back to you, furious, because 1 of the 4 requests was a scam? I'd imagine you would feel incredibly guilty if that were to happen, but to prevent it happening you would have to thoroughly research each request. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I kind of think that perhaps, with 2 children, a husband, a blog, a book and a life, you have enough to do already? You already help people by giving hope through this blog and through being the support person for your local hospital - maybe (ducking to hide from the empty wine bottle you may be throwing in my direction) it is better to do those things well, as you do, rather than stretching yourself too thin trying to cure the woes of the world?

Also, I think people responded because there was a personal element to the requests. I bought an option on Boulder's quilt, because it was a gorgeous quilt, but also because I'd been reading Julie's site for a while so I 'knew' her from the internet. I tend not to just hand over money because someone asks, I want to know, to understand and to choose where my charitable donations go to. I don't think I would send money/equipment over the net unless I 'knew' the person/project. Stingy but practical, I'm afraid.

I wouldn't do it on your blog itself. Like others have said, with the ones you mentioned, you KNEW the needs of these people. People didn't respond solely because of the needs, but also in large part because it was YOU asking.

I would think that if you post it on your blog, then people would see the "charities" as something you specifically endorse. I'm not sure you want to go there - unless you have time to research it all.

I would create a separate page (something you can link to) - and then if you want, you can mention that there are people who have contacted you with needs/prayer requests/whatever. Readers can choose to click or not click, and then - as they say - "Buyer Beware".

It's rotten that you have to think of scammers, but it's a sad truth. Protect yourself.

I didn't read others responses but are you able to put a section on the side (like the links to old posts, other blogs, etc.) with a lead line and then it takes you to a page with a post.

What I mean is for example above on the right it says Recent Posts and then under that are a few different links to posts. could you do something like Those needing help and under it put links something like : babies in SA need your help or So and So needs this and then we can click on those links and see what is needed?

This way it will always be on your main page and some can always be there (the help for the SA babies) and others can rotate as needed (e.g. quilt for boulder, etc.)

Just a thought.


Hi Tertia- it's your blog and I will read it no matter what you put out there. If you choose to list it, I would know it's because it seemed important to you.

Her Bad Mother has something going on- it's called the basement. It's a spin off of her blog- check it out. Maybe this is an option?

Hmmm, I had several thoughts about this but then decided that since this is your blog, and we come here to read about things that you want to talk about, then it should be up to you how to do it - if something grabs your attention, then tell us about it. We can choose to read or not read it, contribute or not contribute. Don't worry about boring or annoying us, you do what you think is best.

It's kind of you to ask your readers what we think, though. I think traits like that are why I keep coming back to your blog again and again.

I think a once a month "round up" post is appropriate, and I would probably enjoy reading those.

It seems like these requests may fall into two categories: those who are trying to raise funds for a critical issue or a charity and 2) those who are just looking for a greater level of awareness, prayers/support from the Internet.

Perhaps your "policy" could be that you won't post anything that pertains to raising cash or soliciting funds? (Obviously, your sister's cause, and other people you "know" are a different case). But that way, you don't have to investigate every situation that comes in from around the world.

Good luck! You have such a warm heart that cares for others. I think you have the "gift of service" that someone mentioned the other week.

As of of those people who has emailed you...I also have a hard time deciding if it is OK to SEND those kinds of emails to my friends inside the computer! It's a hard call, because you don't want to ailenate anyone and yet if you can do some good....Whatever you decide is fine with me. Of course I would love an entire post about dog rescue, but it is your blog! haha


PS...a question for you...do you feel it's inappropriate for people to send you those kinds of emails?

I would read them all, as regular posts. I like reading about whatever it is you are getting up to, be it the babes or Marko or work or your book or SA or causes or hilarious renderings of your relationship w/Julie. I will read it all, and it doesn't have to be a separate section at all.

Dude, that sounded kind of stalky. Well, I hope you know it isn't. I have a 19-month-old -- I don't have the energy to stalk.

Unless you have some way of verifying that these people who say they need help are legit, I would just completely skip the whole "help this poor person" thing. Plus, I come here to read about your life, not to hear a bunch of sob stories. I guess that's cold, but it's true. There are other avenues for that kind of thing. I think the best thing you can do for people asking you for help is to direct them to a reputable organization that helps people in their situation.

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