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Oh, dear, that's an awful disease for kids. Can be very uncomfortable.

Also, beware for yourself. My daughter had some random virus (they think it may have been coxsackie - which is what causes Hand-Foot-Mouth and other variants) when she was almost 10 mos old, and I ended up with meningitis as a result.

Best wishes for Kate to heal quickly.

Oof. HFM is no fun. Our son has had it 2 times. (We assume different varients.) we both ended up getting sick from it too. Be glad that she is as old as she is. It could be so much worse. Boy was still nursing, and refused to nurse because it hurt, We ended up w/ 2 ER trips because of it.

That's one they only get the once though- ie another one to tick off. Now you just need to watch Mr chicken pox roll in, and you're nearly there, assuming you do the usual vaccinations.

My son has had it twice, v contagious so Adam will likely be next. We didn't have a bad case, so not too terrible for us.

I have a question on a prior post....

What does it really mean being a wife to your husband?? Is it all about sex? Is it sharing activities, dinner, conversation, what exactly? How much togetherness do men really want? How much do we want? DH says he is satisfied and that we spend plenty of time together, for me it's hard to accept that place of "just" satisfied--doesn't seem to be enough.

Would love to see a post on this!

Oh yeah, you have now entered the phase called EVERYDISEASE. Doesn't matter if you keep them locked in the closet (although please don't do that!) or park them in the middle of a million people, they are going to get it anyway.

(((HUGS))) all the way around, and wash your hands!

Oh I am so sorry to hear that Kate has this virus. Ivan had it back in early/mid June and it was really tough. There is nothing that you can really do for the sore throat and that just sucks. Just remember that she (and Adam who will likely catch it too) will get through it and so will you. I hope that it passes quickly and you all are well in no time.

Oh my gosh - I do hope this passes quickly. We just had HFM in May. Heidi had fever and fussiness and wouldn't hardly take any bottles. I kept thinking maybe she was teething so I kept feeling her gums for new teeth and unwittingly picked up the virus myself. Good fun that was - am v glad to be passed it.

Oh, poor Kate! Big huge hugs to her and lots of handwashing so Adam doesn't get it. And so you and Marko don't get sick, cause that would so ruin your awesome swanky get away.

It has found it's way to you. I am so sorry. It has made it's rounds already here so I know what a pain it can be, and I cannot even imagine 2 babies with it. Go with God Tertia! :-)

Oh poor Kate! That really leaves them miserable. My 17 month old had it in June. All she wanted was cold milk, I guess it felt good on her throat. And then she passed it to me - I can't keep her fingers away from my mouth! It was awful and all I had was the sores in my mouth!

Ugh. My friend's son just had that. We were on terror alert red as a result since we were exposed during the incubation period.

On a nicer front...it didn't last too long for the friend's baby. All better in a matter of less than one week.

hey t.
we just had that here! today is his first day back at daycare but he has been fine for a few days. he had a very mild case and didn't even lose his appetite. best of luck for your hfm.

That's an awful one, we went thru it a couple of months ago. Just be prepared for EVERYONE in the house to get... so insanely contagious! I'm sorry!

My daughter had it. It didn't appear to bother her. I know we were lucky. Chicken pox didn't bother her either. I wonder how she went from having the immune system of Superman to having the flu four years in a row....

Tertia, you and Marko alternate taking off work to take the kids to the doc, right?

Ah, yes, what fun. Monday I realized my 2 year old had the same damn thing so we've been fighting the nasty mouth ulcery-whiny-grumpy toddler all week too. (Check out the "Does this mean I have to have him put down" post from earlier this week so we can share our misery if you'd like)

I am evilly glad that I'm NOT the one with twins so I only get to suffer through this once. (good luck, hope she's feeling better!)

Oh no! Poor dear. I hope Adam doesn't catch it too. If she gets the mouth sores really bad, there is some magic concoction one can mix up and swab on the ulcers. Can't remember the ingredients (sorry to be so useless).

My Harry had this back in May, picked up (I think) at our local children's museum. He was soooo sad and had spots on his tush area. My friend's MIL, who is a pediatrician, said to administer vanilla ice cream to soothe any mouth sores.

Poor kidlet.

I am sorry Kate and Adam have been unwell!! It must be so much harder when you have two!! Poor Jake had a febrile convulsion last Monday and actually stopped breathing; he was turning blue and my poor husband who had him at the time thought he had died. I came home to an ambulance screaming down our street. Jake is ok now but it has taken another 10 years off my life; I have been having great trouble coping with the anxiety and am hoping to get some help from a naturopath and some counselling. You sure are right when you say mothering is not for the faint hearted. I sincerely hope darling Kate and Adam are better now.


Or as I like to call it, the cocksucker virus. It's going around at Peanut's daycare and I'm praying he doesn't catch it. I had it while on vacation when I was around 10 years old. Effing horrible. Contrary to the Dr. Greene info, I itched like a monkey on crack when the ulcers healed, a lovely twist after several days of pain and not wanting to walk because of the ulcers on my soles.

How did she get that? My kids both had it but they were in daycare. Can you asked your pharmacist for magic mouth wash so you can dab it on the bumps? It has a numbing agent in it. Hope it passes quickly and Adam doesn't catch it.

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