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It's not THAT much slower... really!

Perhaps it's cause I'm just used to Telkom and their bag of tricks *rolls eyes* but it's not really that much slower...

My opinion. I use ADSL, so it's fine for me.

it's not slow for me at all, broadband rocks. but i don't like those hidden posts, anyway, but i think that's up to you. ;)

I'm on broadband but it's very slow lately on your site - not so much on other typepad blogs so I assume it's all the "accessories" slowing it down.

I really really really dislike the partial, link to read the rest of it posts. Please don't do them any more.

Pretty please!!

Not too too slow but always love faster. Hate the continuing read, like it all in one space but however it is set up I will continue to read.

Not slow at all. In fact, your blog is one of the fastest to load.
I love the counters but am not so partial to the partial (!) posts.
I love seeing a long post and happily scroll down to read it.
But as others have said - it's your blog and however you organise it, I will read it.

I am in agreement with the others. Your page loads at a great spead, but prefer to have the entire post displayed rather than a partial post. Linking to the rest of the post is a bit annoying.

I have DSL, so your page comes up just as quickly as anyone else's. I'm not crazy about the continued posts, but don't really hate them either. What's one more click?

What the he** is that pink thing on your ticker?!?! It's freaking me out!

risk free bj's! you kill me.

I don't mind the counters, but as above, I have DSL so it works well for me. I like the partial blogs with the link to read the rest. That mainly comes from the fact that I am in the process of reading a lot of blogs for the first time, and starting in the archives. Having to read from the bottom up (oldest towards newest), makes it easier if there is less to scroll through on the main page. Just my two cents (which isn't even worth a whole two cents! how's that!)

It hasn't been letting me comment. But I don't know if that's because of the new bells and whistles.

hey, all the content does slow things down a bit and i would rather have the long posts right there - I hate having to click again and then go back or close another window. But just another small picky point - why do your paragraphs have an extra space between them? If you set the space between paragraphs to a certain point size (or stopped putting an extra line there?) then you would save heaps of space on your stories! thanks for listening!

I love all of it. It's perfect the way it is. You're killing me too with the counter this morning. ROFLMAO I truly look forward to reading whatever you surprise me with while I enjoy my morning cup or two of coffee while hopefully my monsters (ok kids) are still sleeping.


Please don't do the "keep reading" thing. Hate that. Love your blog.

I have cable connection, it is never slow with me, not with the counter, not with the poll.

The slowness (it's not really slow, but it isn't instantaneous either) doesn't bother me. It gives me a moment to take a sip of my wine.

But the extra click to read the rest of the post is something I could do without. I've got a pop-up blocker, so I've got to press the Ctrl key to open the page. Not a great big deal, but I could do without it.

I just want to say continue to do whatever you are doing as it works and I love this cute little baby butts picture. I miss my kids as baby. They are all grown up or growing up way, way to quickly.

I have absolutely NO probs loading your site - haha for broadband! If anything, can you have the "read more" posts just continue in the same window instead of opening a new one? That's my one suggestion.

I prefer no "to be continued" links. (I have a fast enough connection that this is not an issue -- I just hate clicking on "more" when I am in the middle of reading something good.)

It's not slow here. I'm on broadband, and the speed has not been an issue. But the whole "Continue Reading" thing. Not loving it.

Love everything else. LOOOOVE the counters. Really want to ask about the ticker at the top though....but I won't becuase I'm polite..lol

Not slow here with high-speed internet. Would prefer no "continue reading" format though. I'd rather just see the whole long post in one shot!

I have dsl. Your site loads fast as ever. Carry on.

i LOVE your BLOG!!!! makes me appreciate my 3 year old daughter even more....and reminds me to swallow the lump in my throat at the thought of not being able to have more!....

smile :)

fida .. . .

i love a looo-oong post. i don't like to have to click to contine but i love your blog no matter what.

T - it would take more than a few seconds of waiting to load for me to stop reading! And I don't care either way about having to click to continue... doesn't bother me!

I have DSL and there's no wait for page to load. Also, I am liking the continue reading posts. But maybe b/c I have DSL. Whatever you do, I love you (awww) and your blog and I will continue reading no matter what. :)

Have found it being very slow with the counters on lately, even with broadband. Though I do get a kick out of being the only Aussie online at some moments!

gonna do a little Tertia language here...HATE the "continue reading". Ofcourse I want to continue reading, I came to the fucking blog didn't I!!!!

But, (kiss ass time) LOVE you and will click the damn link if you decide to keep doing it...must have my Tertia fix, no matter the cost

What the hell? I ask how to implement the "continue reading" feature, and suddenly you think you're too good for it? Harrumph.

I don't know that you need it for your average post, though. But when you want to shield delicate eyes from your most cooter-filled, expletive-laden post, maybe you could use a "Fuck, yeah! Continue reading" link?

I agree with Orange. In general, the "keep reading" link is probably not necessary. However, when it provides a useful rhetorical device or when it can be used to protect the delicate sensibilities of your family, it's a perfectly fine idea.

I love the tickers. I'm on the west coast of the US, and tend to read blogs late at night, so your blog is pretty much the only place on earth that I ever get to know that I'm the only American.

Hi, don't mind the tickers, but would prefer to not have the click to continue reading. Just another page to have to navigate at the bottom of my srceen.

yup, drop the counters - sloooooww. Read-mores are irritating. Keep on writing,

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