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As a mom to 4 1/2 yo IVF twins, I loved reading this! I'm looking forward to everything but the hair-pulling!

Oops - 4 1/2 MONTH old twins!

Absolutely beautiful. Loooooved the photos and the story. I felt the love jump off the screen.

They're beautiful! I love Adam's scowl at the camera. And you say they like the DARK? Cool! Fearless little kids they are.

I love that you shared that with us. What I love even more, is that you have put all of those wonderful memories in type and will have them to cherish forever. Time does pass, and unfortunately memories fade. I wish I had done this so that my husband and I would never forget, and the boys would have a glimpse of what they were like at certain ages.

Adam and Kate will thank you for this some day.

That was beautiful.

I couldn't watch (listen to?) the video for some reason, but I lovelovelove the photos. And how much you lovelovelove your kids. It truly shows.

I hate to tell you, but I always thought 18 months was far worse than two. Or any other age, actually. I now have teenagers, and I still think 18 months was the least pleasant age ever. So hang in there, it gets better real soon!

Re: the diaper struggles. When my Amelia became impossible, we switched to pull-ups. Do you call them that in SA? I mean the pull on diapers that are mostly used for potty training. Pampers makes them and Huggies. When you can't get them to lie down for the diaper changes, a lot of times they will let you slip on a pull up. Very fast. (Oh- I mean v. fast, I've always wanted to say that) We still use regular diapers at night, though.

Totally agree about them getting better and better. Amelia is two now and it's still getting better. Adam and Kate are adorable, but you knew that already!

What a lovely post. And what lovely babes.

Brilliant - "I love them - so much it feels like my heart will explode."

It does. And it will continue to do so.

Isn't it an amazing feeling?

Sooo adorable!!!!!!

Our toddler will be 18 months in two 1/2 weeks and it really does get better. It is absolutely amazing.

Wishing you "mommy love" to infinity and beyond.

Record a video/audio of Kate speaking! That'd be good to listen to. :)

Misty eyed over here... absolutely LOVED hearing them in the dark! More video and audio!

Yes - these are awesome days - NO doubt about it.

But I'll tell you something ... at least for me - - it's gotten a tad bit harder in the past two months. These children are absolutely adorable and I am over-the-moon blessed ... but man, bed time can not come too soon when you've got 3-20 month olds tearing it up. Holy crap. I had no idea it would be so exhausting ... mentally, physically, emotionally. This parenthood stuff is HARD work. It's a damn good thing they are so cute.

OMG they are so freaking cute. And you're right: they are KIDS! My baby is almost 14 months...she is transforming into a toddler/kid before my eyes, and it's so bittersweet...
Hey, when did Kate start to talk? I am still waiting for my little girl to start talking and I'm quite impatient! She does mama/dada but that's about it for spoken language, although she does have a few signs she uses consistently. I've always heard that boys speak later, on average, so that's probably why Adam does not have as many words as Kate.

I cant believe how quick the last 18 months have gone. And re. calling them the babies - you can still do that. My godson was two yesterday and has a baby sister - but he's still baby boy. He's at a great age too - so cute and so beautiful, but like Kate you can have conversations almost and interact with them. I can't wait for my baby to come (3 weeks 3 days and counting!) so i get to experience the Mummy love - Godmummy love is great, so i can only imagine how perfect the Mummy love is.

Love this post Tertia, and the pics of your beautiful kids!

(By the way, the terrible twos are nothing. It's the threes that are truly terrible!)

LOVE the pics. How on earth to you clip one's toenails while the other jumps on the bed next to you?

Did you ever think you would utter these words about Adam "If I left him, he would sleep forever." What a difference a year makes!

It really sounds like you have a little groove you are in. Someday, when some poor new mom comes to you in a state of distress you should show her this post next to a few I remember from the babies' early days.

I can't believe its 18 months already.

I can't believe I forget to pass along this diaper/nappy change helper....

When my boys got to the stage of not wanting to stay put to be changed I used a mylar (silver-shiny type) balloon to keep them occupied. They last quite a few days so I'd only need to buy like one a week. The trick was keeping it interesting. I kept it in the CLOSET and only took it out for changes. That way, it was novel, different and kept their attention.


Tertia, that was beautiful.

Beautiful post. You've inspired my to start writing things about my little guy. He's 3 already and I wish I had started sooner.
Oh- I posted a friendly, snarky comment a few days ago about 'all those naps' causing those early mornings, and Every Day since then, my son has gotten up at 5 am, ready to go! Serves me right. That is the last time I mention sleep!

oh Tertia -
my heart feels so big when I read this...

You made me cry Tertia, Kate and Adam could not have a better mother. You are awesome! This was a beautiful post.

Beautiful post, Tertia. It reminds me of all of the wonderful things about my 2 1/2 year old son. And I love all of the new pictures. Adam and Kate are so gorgeous - and are getting so big!

thank you T. thank you. god you deserve every second of mommy love and more.

I so agree with everything you said.

They like the dark? Get them some glow sticks and turn off the lights. Those were our fireworks on the 4th...they were absolutely facinated and not scared at all.

Mommy love is the absolute best. Wish I had no Mommy guilt to go along with it.

They're just gorgeous, T. As they grow, they start looking quite a bit like their mum. It's just lovely hearing and seeing how they grow and change.

I love the story, I could relate so some of it as my boys are almost a year old. They do grow way to fast though! Thank you for sharing.

Take care

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