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Wow! What a difference. I have a friend who is wearing braces right now. I think I'll show her your pics as encouragement. It looks great!

Gosh, that was fast! (To me as a reader, I'm sure not you as a wearer.) They look great. Even after two years on the rails, mine didn't straighten that well. Astonishing.

It is amazing what science can do. Congrats!

Your teeth look gorgeous now, congrats! It is astonishing what a difference it makes.

Wow! You look great!!

Gorgeous! And, divine!

Beautiful! I was trying to figure out how they'd get those two teeth hiding in the back to line up, but there you go. The proof is in the pudding. Which you'll no longer *have* to eat now that your braces are off ;)

That's wonderful! Congrats!

What a major difference. They look really good now. However,my 11 year old son is due to be fitted for braces in the next few weeks and he happened to walk in as I was looking at the pictures and asked (Hey,what's that?) I replied that it was someone who had gotten braces. Ofcourse at the moment he looked at the screen it was only showing the pictures with the braces on and so he scrunches up his little face in complete horror and asks (OMG mom,is that what my teeth are going to look like when I get braces?!?!) Ofcourse I about died laughing and said to him. No,that's just what hers looked like before the braces,an then the after picture showed up and he was amazed at the huge difference and now can't wait to get braces. Thanks Tertia,I think you just gave my little boy a bit of encouragment without even knowing it.

Amazing! I know it must make you feel great!

Wow- great. And I'm so jealous that you got yours off before me. But we're getting there...

Wow! Thats fantastic Tertia!

My bottom row is exactly the same! Unfortunatley mine are still baby teeth (I'm 26)so I don't think I can get braces.


That is fantastic! Congrats!

dazzling, G+D....of course!!!

Wowser. They (you) look great!!
Now go eat a caramel apple or some doritos or something.

Absolutely gorgeous (and divine)!

wow what a difference. you look fabulous!

That is really amazing, your ortho did a great job! Don't your teeth feel all nice and smoooooooooooth now?

You, my dear Asshole, are the poster child for "It's never too late to beautify your smile!".

Congrats and good for you for sticking it out. I remember how miserable you were in the beginning.


vvv cool. The mouth of a supermodel. Was reading yesterday about someone who had braces put in and they were saying that it was the most excruciating pain they'd ever experienced. Admire you for persevering!

Holy fucking shit!!! they look awesome :D

looking good :)

careful if you're getting that (amalgam?) filling replaced, as unless you get it done by someone who's an expert in safely removing amalgam fillings, you will be exposed to far too much mercury.

This is better than any plastic surgery site. Your dentist-person should pay you for the positive advertising. Your bottom jaw looks fab (hahaha!)

Beautiful! I am eternally thankful that my parents had mine fixed in high school.

I don't see a permanent retainer... did you opt for the removable one?

I got a permanent retainer (it's a bar glued to the back of my bottom teeth) after gettting braces during college. You get used to it quick and there's no taking on/off. I wish I'd gotten one for the top teeth but that didn't work for my bite. When it wore out I stalled on getting a new one: I regret it, as my perfect teeth got slightly out of whack.

Your teeth look great. Good for you!

Looks great... that must have been a wee bit uncomfy for a while!

Take care

wow, your teeth look so divine!!!!!!!!! I'm sure it was painful but all worth it now, right?

Tertia, you fantastic woman you! Congratulations!!! :) Cannot believe how fast that was either. I had mine for 6 long years, but of course that was during the era of barbarian dentists. haha Gorgeous!

Wow, what a transformation! I can see why you wanted it done- it must have been hard to keep those teeth clean in that old alignment, for one...

awesome - your teeth look fabulous! exciting to see the transformation

wow- wow and WOW! i am so impressed with you sticking it out!

Hi, I was wondering why the treatment was so fast. I hope you don't mind sharing.

Wow. I am amazed that they were able to straighten all that out in just 9 months. I wore braces as a kid -- for 3 or 4 YEARS!

Congratulations on your lovely straight teeth!

My three year old just looked at your "before" pic and asked me if your teeth were broken?! LOL! I just had to share.

I told him not that they are now fixed. He walked out of the room mumbling. LOL!

Honestly-your teeth look fab! WTG, Tertia.

Wow!!!!--congrats! It really changes your outlook on life. I had braces too. If they recommend a retainer, please don't wrap it in tissue and throw it away in the trash. (yup, it happened to me)

Braces really work. My daughter's teeth were jacked up and now they're flawlessly perfect and WHITE. I almost got a little jealous. :)

They look FANTASTIC! What a difference! WTG!!

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