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First comment? Hm... Well, I'm 21 and my sweet boy is 7 months old and I have scrotum skin on my belly, hips, etc. You had twins. Don't feel bad!

Scrotum belly is great. Having a bumach (bum/stomach - aka curvature of the scrotum belly in the middle that makes it look vaguly like two cheeks).

is so much hotter.

Okay, when I read that you have "scrotum skin on your belly" I thought you meant one of the males in your house was lying next to your stomach and I checked it out to see if I could tell whose scrotum it might be! I'm glad to know it's simply your belly and not a shot of Marko's neather regions! :-)

As do I. You, however, seemed to have pierced your scrotum/belly skin, which makes you extremely hardcore cool.

At least you can wear a shirt! Imagine if we had to give birth through our mouths - our cheeks would look like that!

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to do that or it would freeze that way?

Tee hee!

Gosh, I would KILL to be able to use my poppy-eyed eek emoticon right now.


Cute pic - you sort of had me going for a second. BTW my scrotum is bigger than your scrotum.

A note about your last two surveys.

My answers to your last two surveys are inconsistent.

I would make my son take back the toy and pay for it because whether taking it was intentional or not we as parents need to teach right from wrong.

As for me I know not to steal. However, my answer to the previous survey depended on the price of the item.

I mentally try to balance out how much I have been overcharged and what I may not have been charged. There are way too many times a lot of stores overcharge and I have to go through pointing out the difference and trying to get my money back. Ex. If they forgot to charge me for something small ($1 - $2) I would point it out then and there, but I might not drive back to do so. The same goes for if I were charged too much.

Damn Tertia, being a new parent and knowing I have the struggle ahead to teach values I must say that answering the last two surveys have made me feel like a hypocrite. Not your surveys, but my answers.

Wrong is wrong, nevertheless, I evidently justify the smaller things by keeping a mental track of being overcharged and not being charged.

I answered the poll - but I would actually make him return it and apologize and perhaps help shelve items for an hour (or some other task, if the store agreed). He would definitely not get to keep the toy!

Snoort! I nevr thought of calling it scrotum skin. It's incredible how accurate that is. Thank you. I plan on showing mine off at dinner tonight.


Ahhh yes.
Scrotum skin.
I have what Wylie is talking about too...bumach.
I'm all for getting a mini tuck someday to get rid of it!

Oh, come on! You were squeezing a t-shirt! This isn't the same photo. You're messing with us.

Okay fine. But you had two babies at the same time. Aren't you allowed a little scrotum belly?

In order to have real fun w/ my scrotum belly my sis and I drew a face on it and then I can stretch it out to make it talk and make funny faces (loads of fun after a few drinks - we practically pee'd our pants.)

So does this mean I get a weekend w/Julie? I guess I'll just have to make my way over to the east coast. Should be loads of fun w/ a bottle of vodka and my talking belly - hee hee hee.

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