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i promise i will never turn you down, love.

Not my boyf anymore. How rude... soccer over you. Complete paff.

You should hold this against him for at least 2 months. Switzerland vs Ukraine was, hands down (and face in the pillow), the dullest, most agonizingly boring game to date in the tournament. Seriously horrid to watch. The commentators even announced how thankful they were that it was finally over when it ended! My husband and friends fell asleep watching the darn thing. Even the penalty kicks to decide the game were boring -- and I love penalty kick deciders!


Normally I would completely agree with Marko on this, but the Ukraine v Switzerland game?? It was the most boring game of the entire world cup - I've suffered through the tedium of England's matches but even I was defeated by last night's festival of boredom and gave up watching at half time.

Yup...watched it here too in Canada...BORING. Sorry you didn't get yours.

Tertia you are not alone. I am a New Jersey girl (USA) married to an ex-pat Brit. I cannot even get an answer from him about dinner never mind bedroom activities when the matches are on.

Oh, and from past experience, I would not leave the kids with him during a match and, say, go shopping. You know...

And after all of these years I STILL do not 'get' the offside rule.

Tertia - where is Marko's blog so that us men can commiserate with him ?
The demands you girls make of a man at silly times .....

I have a feeling he is gonna regret that comment very soon.

He turned you down when you offer to let him keep watching the game!?! I have done many nice things for my husband on a Sunday afternoon while the football (american version) game was on. It must have been a good game...

Dang, if you didn't just hand him the ULTIMATE dude dream - sex AND television - and he turned you down??? Take his temperature - he MUST be ill!

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