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No pun intended, but HOLY SHIT! After all that I think you deserve a fourth glass of wine!

We had a similar evening last night except ours involved vomit. I nearly peed when I read your description of the pandemonium...it was almost exactly the same here. Glad to know I'm not alone! Thanks for the laugh!

I feel for you, Tertia, but damn that was funny reading!


You poor thing! I know it was not at all funny at the time and it may never be but your way of writing about it really made me laugh.
My 15 month old did a stunt man log roll down our carpeted basement stairs on Friday - he's fine but I was a wreck and suffered post traumatic stress over it.
Guess I felt I needed to confess to you after all you've shared with us.

Absolutely hilarious!!!

The more I read the funnier it became. I laughed so hard my eyes were watering and my gut started to cramp up, then oops, I almost woke the baby.

Having gone through a smear campaign recently I could empathize. I am grateful because my husband also cleaned up the smears. Thank goodness our shitiation was minus the pandemonium.

Hope the babes are doing okay.

Oh dear, what a mess. Tomorrow has got to be a better day, right? My sympathies to all 4 of you.

LOL!!! It may not seem funny now - but this is a story for their 21st birthday parties!!! hehehe :D

What a blessing - you have poo to clean!!!

I shouldn't be laughing, but since everyone seems to have survived, I am. The image of a poo-covered Kate in the cupboard is just too much : )

In a few weeks/months/years that will most definitely be one of the funnier moments of childhood to remember!

I actually snorted out my nose reading this!! Too funny!

Hillarious!! But I do have empathy for you & Marko! Sounds very familiar to the happenings at our house raising the two sets of twins. Thankfully though no more nappies & poo accidents for us, but pandemonium & chaos - often!

Now that is a poop story for their baby books! Traumatizing! Off to listen to your radio clip now...


I giggled a bit because it sounds all too familiar...EXCEPT, you have two darlings. My kiddo is the same exact way about getting "yucky" things on his hands...hell on his entire body.
*cheers* to a better day.

If I hadn't BTDT myself I would swear you'd made that up. Thanks for the laugh and knowing I'm not the only one these things happen to! What is it about kids that they can spot a hangover a mile away?

OMG, that almost makes me want to enjoy my time before I have children.

I think almost anyone who has raised (or is raising) children can relate to this, Tertia! Okay, I haven't had a kid poo in a cupboard, but I have had a child flip himself backwards off the bed and onto the floor WHILE WE WERE SITTING THERE WITH HIM and we have had the everyone-scream-together-now moments.

(((HUGS))) Maybe Monday is better? LOL

Is it a bad thing that I laughed through this entire post?

Oh my, you poor thing! A poo covered child is a sight you never want to see. I hope it never happens to you again.

I admit to LMBO! This is definately one of those not funny while it is happening but hilarious after it is over stories. You will be telling their first girlfriends/boyfriends this story.

Off to change a poo here myself.

Oh dear, I feel bad for laughing but HAAAA HA HA HA HA. A classic post, thanks for making me laugh when I needed it most!!

Now that is some seriously funny shit :)

just curious!!! did you take a foto of the scene!!!

How shitty T, my vote goes with Carolyn's suggestion (above). And 10 out of 10 to Marko, for helping clean it all up Duncan would have run a mile!

Oh. My. God.

I can relate. But when it happened here, we actually had to throw out the pack and play. It was THAT bad.

Holy tar! That was an amazing story! I laughed so loud here at work that people got real quiet to imply, "who is that moron laughing too loudly at work?" Hahaha!

I mean, I'm sorry, whoa, poop everywhere, that sucks.

But wow, it was funny reading!

Our worst household poop incident occurred when I was out clothes-shopping. (Hooray!) The kid was supposed to be taking a nap, and Daddy told him to quit hollering and go to sleep. "Don't you dare come out here. It's naptime. Go to sleep! Stay in your bed!" So the kid pooped in his diaper, took it off, walked on the poop, walked all over the bed with poopy feet, and smeared some on the wall for good measure. Eventually, it's quiet enough for my husband to check on the boy—who is sound asleep, bare butt smeared with poop, amid his poopy footprints. Everything was cleaned up before I got home.

I'm sorry you had the misfortune to be home when your kids had their poopstravaganza!

I feel a LOT better about my low-key evening last night. Thanks! At least it makes for a good story, huh?

Good lord, woman. I think I'd just have to resume the wine drinking after that mayhem. Sorry.

ohmygod tertia... thanks for my first giggle of the day. sorry about the mess and about kate's back, but i'm sure this will be a funny family story in a week or so :)

Oh Tertia- that's too funny. Not funny ha ha, oh wait. It is. Glad everyone got sorted out and hope you had more wine :)

Sorry, this is SO not PC, but I can't help it: I totally have this image of Kate, completely covered in poo, with this big-ass grin on her face, sorta looking like Al Jolson in blackface. Only I guess it would be "pooface" in this case.

Better than yours.

Those moments when it just keeps getting worse and worse....oof, what a nightmare. Hope you got a better night's sleep at the end of it.

Am I an asshole for laughing until I cried reading that post?
Have you and Marko been able to laugh about this yet?
I know it wasn't funny while you were neck deep in shit, but you have to admit, now that it's all cleaned up and everyone smells nice and fresh again...it's pretty effing funny.

Oh, my baby went down straight away and slept peacefully while my husband and I fixed some delicious prawn pasta followed by strawberries and and chocolate ice cream accompanied by a nice bottle of chilled white wine.

We then watched the gorgeous Italians playing football. So all in all it was very pleasant indeed. Thank you so much for asking.



From a fellow mom of twins, I was very sympathetic to your plight.. As I read your post, the imagery was so vivid that I really felt like I was there... but this post is one you have to save for Kate and Adam and read it at their graduation party..

Lisa Z

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