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Tertia, I want you to know that I'm up right now at 3:25 a.m. working on a work catastrophe... yet I still make time to bop over to your blog. Am I a serious case of blog lurkitus or what. Thanks for the middle-of-the-night giggle at your farting host!

Seems to me she might be hiding in the cupboard deliberately to do the poo, ie getting embarassed about doing in public. Might be a good time to introduce her to Mr Potty.

I thought it was quite an interesting conversation going on at ye olde store!

For what it's worth, I would absolutely sleep with someone for $1 million. And I'd encourage my husband to do likewise.

Sorry about the poo. But still laughing about the farter!

6 month old DS pooed in the bath for the first time last night. Green floaters everywhere. Horrified. Husband laughed his head off. Spose I better get used to it.

Love the farter story. When I lived in England, we were in the car on an outing with some new potential friends. I surrepticiously let one go, but it was one of those silent but deadlies that had us all winding down the windows and hanging out like panting dogs. I had to own up to it - thinking there goes the new friendship - when the female of the couple breathed a huge sigh of relief, explained to us that she had severe Crohn's disease, that she needed to fart constantly to relieve pain, and that she had been dreading telling us. Luckily I broke the ice, so to speak, (as well as peeling the paint off the inside of the car!) and 11 years later we are still friends.

I must admit that the closest friendships we have are all ones where there had been some sort of farting incident. It seems to seal the friendship. But then I am Australian and I might just be possibly grossing out the rest of the world with this admission.

I think anybody that has children will not judge you for the pooing incidents.....my kids always hide to poop, and have both taken off their diapers very quietly and pooped right in their beds!! YUCK!

Farting....when I was in labor with my second, had my epidural, thought my sleeping husband or my sleeping best friend was farting loudly, so I woke them both up and yelled at them that "whoever it is needs to stop it NOW, it is gross and rude!" Turns out it was me farting and I had no feeling or control over that whole area. One of the most embarrassing moments of my life, but also one of the funniest!

Well, I didn't vote in either poll because I couldn't check more than one answer. Actually though, I probably wouldn't return it because I am basically lazy. I would (in both cases) set it aside (with all good intentions) meaning to return it the next time I visit the store and it would sit there for days and then weeks and then months and then I would say screw it and then use the item.

I would, though, tell my son that it was wrong to take it.

(love the pooing incident...my son never poo'ed on the floor but has in the bathtub...)

I liked the store polls, but I fully admit to being flawed - I'm so much more fun that way. My kids are also older so I've had more time to chill out about the whole perfect mom thing...I'm not one. I read a quote recently that had me laughing - it was attributed to Kelly Ripa - and went something like this:
Kids are like pancakes, you always screw the first one up but they get better from there.
Heh - I screwed them both up....

I so love you Tertia. I was quite interested in the poll and the discussion, anwyays I really enjoy reading about your experiences as a mother good and bad. I am really starting to think of you are as a Mother Superior type :) looking over all us rookies :)

ahaha, loved the farting story. thing is, if i was the one farting as i walked away, i bet i wouldn't be able to help bursting out in laughter - those fart-step-fart-step farts are the funniest!

of course, i have the maturity/sense of humour of a 4 year old. an immature 4 year old.

hmm, come to think of it, why don't i get invited to dinner parties ever?


Hate to admit this, but...

At one of my sister's dinner parties, I did it. I figured that my BIL's mother counted as family and already knew that we routinely fart at the dinner table. I did not notice the looks of horror I from BIL or his mother. And I did it more than once. And laughed at it. Didn't notice that nobody else was doing it.

After the fact my sister told me, "Btw, I've never done that in front of her, and she was horrified." Oh boy. Couldn't look the woman in the face again. Ever.

A cup of TEA?!!! Tertia, you're slipping - where's the chardonnay?!!!!!!!!!!!

Tea, what's wrong with you T? It's always suitable to drink wine, ok, not at work!!

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