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I went to the zoo a week ago and made a detour for coffee (and doughnuts, but I'll deny it vehemently if anyone asks) and then got lost trying to cut through the city to get to the zoo. As I drove along through one section, things started to look familiar and suddenly I realized I was driving past my college. Somehow, driving past those buildings, it seemed so surreal that I had two amazing children that were MINE in the back of my car while I was surrounded by this place I'd lived in for four years in the days of drunken joy.

Not quite the same experience as what you were describing, but definitely a "how life has changed" moment for me!

Your babes are so cute. Funny I can relate to those scenarios - the sitting on the lap whilst on the loo and my babe turns almost anything into an imaginary phone. He also is always wanting his shoes put on. Another new one is that - in the bathroom he has a stool for him to stand on so he can have his hands washed and teeth brushed well, whenever he goes in there (not often cos he always makes too much mess) he wants to stand on his stool and points and squeaks at his toothbrush so he can clean his teeth and sometimes points and squeaks for the toothpaste to be put on too.

Oh yes, and we have a pile of car and boat pamphelets by our toilet/loo (it is the closest my husband is going to get to buying one for a while!), and Tyler HAS to be at your feet while you take care of business so he can "shop" for a boat or car! And, I hate to tell you, it doesn't get any better when they are older. My almost 7 year old can be off doing his own thing when I sneak to the bathroom, but he must have an internal radar because that is ALWAYS the time he HAS to tell me something!

The kids are simply gorgeous! Love your censoring bit - they will appreciate that about 15 years from now!

Me too. There are always three of us in the bathroom. My boy twin loves to talk about Tampons. I have no privacy.

Too funny- are we allowed to say 'I told you so'? Cuz I remember your old post on this issue and I am sure we all told you that your private time would not last!

You summed it up! I haven't gone to the bathroom alone, except at work, in about 5.5 years. I wouldn't change it for the world. Strangely enought your post made me cry, I want to go home to my babes! I have no shame anymore, they no me at my worst!

Last part was to say they SEE me at my worst!

You still have your private moments while showering, yes? I think they change when they become teenagers and want nothing to do with the Old Folks. These baby moments are indeed precious.

BTW, haven't heard of hangers-on before, but all the toddlers I know have a middle name of Cling-On!

I think you should change your banner image to your silhouette sitting on the loo as Kate and Adam are hanging on!

Wine still in hand of course.

I know what it's like - usually I have DH and both kids in with me wanting to talk.

I love the piccie of the enthusiastic slipper wearers.

I bought my 4 year old a new pair last week and he refuses to go anywhere near them because they aren't the one's I promised him, picky bugger, but that is all they had left in his size.

Try telling him that though.

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