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see what you have to look forward to?

very funny ... but the poor person who had to clean that mess up - it would have taken ages.

Oh no! I wonder how you chisel that much paint off a kid? Apparently as a child my husband got hold of a pair of scissors, and cut every curtain in the house at his eye level. His mother still won't let him use scissors.

Only funny if it isn't your living room!! :-) Poor mommy who had to clean that up.

I am speechless. I want to laugh, but then I think, what if it was MY house and kids? I don't think I'd react property at ALL!!!! How DO you get that much paint off TWO kids? and the TV?! Lord, please remind me NOT to leave paint cans anywhere near my child!

You know what's really beautiful (yes, beautiful) about that? That someone was able to look beyond the ruined TV, leather couch and floor and see two innocent children having fun and then captured that moment. Beautiful.

OMG! That is paint?

My daughter dumped a gallon of paint on my dining room carpet. I didn't think it was cute at all. The only reason she was spared is I couldn't see past the smoke coming out of my ears to catch her.

They look like they had a hell of a time though!

oh my...


Oh. God. All I can think is: How in holy hell do you clean the KIDS???

Hmm -- I am so obviously past the "having small children stage" -- I didn't even think about how to get the kids clean (it'll wear off them eventually!) My concern was the TV set!!! (bad Mommy)

Oh boy...

Even worse, Kathy - I was freaking about the sofa!

Oh... they would be SOOO grounded... Or at least in a VERY firm time out!!

Wow! I am so lucky I haven't had any of those moments yet. Knock on wood.

And the thing is, you can see toys in the picture. So it's not like they didn't have anything appropriate to play with.

Oh my dear Tertia. Before I clicked to enlarge the pic, I was thinking this was your Kate and Adam. I was just wanting to reach through cyberspace to give you a giant hug! :-)

DD, I think the picture was taken for some blackmail purposes: "You see what you kids did to my tv and couch? And you want me to buy you a car?? I don't THINK so! I'm *still* paying off the new couch and tv!"

I wonder how long it took to get the turpentine smell out of the house. I'd leave the kids smelling turpentine-y as punishment. Or maybe leaving them white would be better?

Wow, that looks familiar, my twins did the same thing last year, I was sick in bed and daddy was "watching them" and by watching I mean sleeping on the couch. He comes running into the room, "COME QUICK I NEED HELP!!"
we found them in my daughters room (which I had been painting the day before)covered in paint and several items of furniture had also been painted, all you could do was laugh, and grap the video camera of course.....

This just shows what an awesome mom you are. Because gah, if that was my couch, floor, TV, and kids---------gah. I'd be a sobby mess. I think I need to get ready for this kind of stuff, huh?

I love how pleased with himself he looks.

Boy, I really hope it was emulsion and not gloss!

My husband did something similar when he was a young boy, perhaps 3 or 4 years old. He said "Stevie help Daddy!" having painted a stripe at his eye level around an entire living room and hallway, both walls and furniture! Pale purple, they said.

To his parents' eternal credit, they didn't punish him, and understood that he was only trying to help. Of course they told everyone they knew, and are still happily telling the story 50 years later! Ha. But as a parent, my DH is more understanding and forgiving than I am, I guess from his own parents' example.

You can NEVER baby-proof too much, especially with multiples!

If that happened to me, you would have to lock me up. I'd absolutely have to leave the house - someone else would have to come and "fix" everything back to normal, before I could re-enter my home with any degree of sanity.

And the kids. I don't think I could even punish them, because I'd surely go overboard.

Scary. And SO relieved that it's not Adam and Kate in that picture!

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