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Awesome! *fingers crossed that it will work on my Mac* Thanks so much, Tertia, Gudren, and Jade. :)

Tertia, YOU ROCK! I listened to the live show on Saturday morning and was very impressed with your ability to express yourself so well - just as on you blog - I think that's one of the reasons why your blog's so popular! You know just what words to use and for that (among other things) I'll always admire you! Always a fan. Your friend from Gauteng.

You are simply AMAZING!

You sound so professional. Well done!

G&D Tertia, awesome interview! Did not like the nasty smss people, assholes.
Will we be able to get your book here in the states?

Brilliant interview and excellent plug for the new book. It was so refreshing to hear someone talk about infertility who has been through it as opposed to the clinical discussion of how we are all feeling! I thought you handled the adoption question very well also. You made the blog world proud!!

Thank you so much for the link and being a voice for the infertile.
This interview really hits home.

I just finished listening.

You sound very calm, cool and collected! Live interviews are always the hardest ones to do.


Fantastic job- you really sounded great, and said everything perfectly. Congrats!

Wonderful interview, Tertia!

Tertia, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful charming voice! It is so awesome to hear you speak! I'm thrilled to bits. Thank you so much for making this happen. It just means so much to me to hear your voice.

Great interview- you did a fantastic job. My only quibbles (besides the "just adopt" people), was the way the interviewer consistently framed it as woman's issue. While it mostly affects the woman physically, IF can be male factor, female factor, or both.

Looking forward to seeing your book in print.

Gosh, your voice is so awesome. Thank you so much for being G&D, kickass and totally real.

Wow Tertia! Nice job! I have to admit, being from the USA I forgot that your accent would be so different so I was surprised when I heard your voice. I just never imagined you sounding like that. Stupid me, OF COURSE you sound as beautiful as you look!

Again, nice job with the interview, you are an excellent speaker and gave some very good and valid insight into infertility.

Job well done! YOu didn't sound nervous at all. . . Tertia the Author - sounded so professional when they talked about you and your book at the end of the interview :)


tertia - great interview! i want to send the link to a few people in my life to understand IF a little better. thank you.

listening right now! you are great, you should be so proud of yourself! ack! you are celebrity!

you sound soooooooooooo great!

Lovely. I thought you sounded wonderful and handled the questions from callers and e-mails very well. Very professional and well done.

BTW: I had to call international recently and was completely lost. I managed to figure it out eventually but it made me laugh and I thought of you.

You did a great job, you said everything that needed to be said. Thank you.

Mazel tov. You were great. And way to handle the well-meaning "just adopt" man. It made me cry a little, though, because I felt like you and the dr were talking about me. Except when you were obviously talking about you, of course.

Great job. You'll be wonderful on your publicity junket. And THANK YOU, Gudrun and Jade, for letting me be able to listen!

One thing that really struck me about your interview was the consensus that childbearing is a nearly universal desire especially among women.

Not really sharing that desire, I wonder, how did it take you? Was it "always" there? Did you have it when you were a child? A teen? Did it start when you got married? Was it something you sort of assumed would always be part of your future but didn't think much about, until you discovered you were infertile?

The reason that I ask, is, as many IF blogs as I read, nobody ever talks about how or why they came to want to experience childbearing. They often assume (or seem to assume) that it's self-explanatory.

Whereas for me, that desire is a bit of a mystery. You give up SO MUCH when you become a parent! (You don't need me to tell you how much you give up.)

People say, "oh yes, you give up a lot, but what you get in return makes it all worth it" -- but how can they possibly know that in advance? How can they know that they'll love a little person (or people) they've never even met?

Fantastic interview Tertia! I can't wait to buy your book and hope it is available in the states.

You handled those insensitive callers with style and grace as usual!

Good Job, Tertia. You made us proud.

Great interview! I'm glad that the issue is getting recognition. I was a bit disappointed, though, that they defined infertility in the beginning as being unable to conceive after a year of trying, and left out the inability to carry a child to term. I suffer from recurrent miscarriage, and exist in some kind of semi-fertile limbo.

Love, love, love your blog. I read regularly, but never comment because I can't add anything to the brilliant things already said by the time I read! Just wanted to add my congratulations on your wonderful interview.

I love your voice, Tertia. You sound like Princess Di.

love the interview...i think you handled yourself so well...and some of those comments towards the end....grrrrr...you are a professional for sure!! any word on bringing your book to the states? great job!!!

Very, very interesting! Can't wait to check out your book! You did great.

God T, your accent is so G&D :) I think the slightly sore throat-husky-voice-thang suits ya. Heheh.


The interview was very interesting - thank you for putting it online for us.

Tertia! You have a beautiful voice! Oh I would love to hear you swear with that lovely voice! Saying "asshole" in your lovely accent would have me in stitches. You were just great in the interview. Asshole! LOL

I just listened...awesome! Good for you for not reaching through the phone and choking the stupid insensitive twit that called about adoption. At least you only had to deal with him for a few seconds on the air...imagine waking up next to him every morning! :-)

you are totally awesome. You sound FANTASTIC.

What an amazing job you did, Tertia. You have a wicked accent - LOVE it. I want you to know how much I appreciate what you've done and the voice you've given to those of us who are unable to verbalize the emotional rollercoaster we've endured through IF. Four years later, I am still unable to convey the emotional hell I felt while going through IVF. It was wonderful to hear your interview and to have that reminder that there are others who understand what I've been through and what I've felt.

You are so absolutely G&D!

I'm just listening now and it's fantastic. Thank you Tertia for being brave enough to talk about such personal experiences in such a public forum. You're fantastic.

You sound exactly as I thought you would. COOL!

Well done. :)

I listened to your interview with my mister. We both thought you rocked, as usual. You had us laughing and crying. So very nice to hear your voice again. Fab job.

Thanks so much to Gundrun and Jade for setting it up for all of us. You rock as well.

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