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The Daily Show did a great piece about the Cooterfest that celebrates that turtle:


Don't forget this one from the (inexplicably) popular (though I confess I watched it. John Schneider!)'70s show The Dukes of Hazzard: http://www.toymania.com/334archives/dukes/cooter.htm

Hahahahaha! I had no idea a cooter was so dark and round. And those claws! Yikes!

Take this as you will, Tertia, but last weekend when my (three-year old)son and I headed to church he was naming all of the cars we passed on the road. "Look, Mom!" he'd shout, "It's a Honda! It's a Toyota! It's a Volkswagen!" This continued as we stepped out into the church parking lot, when he gasped and pointed while screaming, "Look, Mom! It's a MINI-COOTER!" (Mini Cooper)

I was appropriately embarrassed.

Here in Florida that's what we call them! Yes, even south of "The South" - every region has silly colloquialisms ... right?!?!?!

Cooterfest! Bwwwwahhhaaaaaa!

I, of course, have been to the town where that Cooterfest is held. My husband has relatives there now. Who can forget the motto? Save a fish, eat a cooter.

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