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Thank you for the information. Your sister seems to be very passionate and caring. Evidently it runs in the family.

thanx for the postal address... although i must learn to read slooooowwwerrrrr- i had already clicked on a new email message to ask you for it when i went back & read the rest of the post! woulda looked like a right tart, hey!

Hi I will be sending stuff to the California address as its close to me. The vests in America are called t shirts and baby gros are sleepers. Hope that helps your American and Canadian readers.

T - Could your sister (or you) create a gutter/sidebar list of things she needs, so we can keep an eye out when they go on special?

Does she need fabric for the bags? I also have lots of yarn to send, but not all of it is wool. It is yummy and soft, but maybe she only wants wool.

I don't like to think about it, but for the stillborns, this link: http://www.touchinglittlelives.org/knitbunting.html is a pattern for burial puches for stillborns, so the parents can see them in something nice.

And you know me, I would love to be able to help out with the providing of meals, but I don't know how that would work. Email me if you have any ideas.

keep up the good work, Jill

I don't think your friend Bridgette realizes it, but ... she's started a movement in Southern California. I'm dubbing it "B4" which stands for "Bridgette's Baby Blankie Brigade." Since I read her story that you posted (2 weeks ago), I've been thoroughly inspired. I knitted and finished my 1st blanket last week, and am 1/3 through my 2nd blanket. I pulled together a group of HOM (high order multiple) mom's that are meeting this Wednesday evening (and will continue to meet every-other week)... there will be 6 triplet mom's + 1 quadruplet mom and a handful of my neighbors. I will teach them to knit, in return, they have to make 1 blanket for a baby in Africa. And, we get to drink lots of margaritas along the way. Once we finish the blankets, we'll organize care packages with some of the other items that you reference needing, and ship it to the California address.

I'm glad your sister started a blog, I hope she is able to keep it updated. This is a very good thing you are doing. VERY GOOD! :)

I am so happy to hear she has a blog and an email address. Now I can leave you alone and bug her instead. ;)

Off to email her lots of questions.

Ooh, and thank you Jen for all you are doing. It makes me happy to see others who care as much about this project as I do.

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