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Thank you for posting this for me T. I really appreciate the thanks and praise I have gotten for the blankets. And I do get it. I can't imagine having a newborn with very little, or nothing for it. It is scary enough leaving the hospital knowing you are responsible for a brand new life. But to not have the neccesary things for that baby must be overwhelming. I love that I have found a way to help.

A little about me:

Married to Jon for almost 14 years
Daughter Kelsey, who just turned 17
Son Jonathan, who just turned 3
Also have 2 bunnies
2 birds
1 dog
1 cat
too many fish to count
Supervisor at a local pharmacy
I just learned to crochet in, um, I think September

I'm very thankful that Tertia told me a little about the situation there. I knew it was bad for alot of the people, but until she really talked about how bad, it didn't click. Once I read about it through her words, I really started to think. It took me awhile before I figured out what I could do, but once I got it, I was so excited! I love that I can help, even if it just something small.

The shipping is pretty pricey, and they are so picky about what I send. Sending the packages to the States would make it so much easier. Plus I always worry the packages are going to get lost or damaged. Not to mention how long it takes to get them there. They tell me at the post office it takes 4-6 weeks. It actually takes 10-12. There is 1 more package on its way, and one more I just need to wash, pack and send. Another friend of mine, Charmaine, sent me a bunch of sunglasses, so each package will now have a pair of those in it too.

This little project has become so dear to my heart. Each one of these blankets, even the ones I didn't make, really comes with alot of love. One day, I hope to make it to Africa and hand out some of the blankets myself. And thank YOU for doing all you are doing. You and your sister inspired me to find a way to help.

Mel, Bridgette and Tertia - you guys rock! I'm a screaming athiest but still a reasonably nice person and I completely get the whole concept. I think you are doing a wonderful job for these women, and their babies. And the whole community.

I just remembered something...at the baby resale shop I frequent, when a customer brings in clothes for consignment and they're not sold within 3 months, they donate those clothes to charity. I'm on really good terms with the owner (I spend my clothes budget for Seph almost exclusively there), so I'm going to approach her this week about donating the tinier stuff to Bosom Buddies. Now, how about everyone else seeing if their local consignment shops might do the same? They often have really great stuff, too, the one here is better than going to Target, and I loves me some Target! Teria, maybe you could post this as an idea?

Stupid haven't-had-my-coffee-yet typo. Sorry, T-e-r-t-i-a.

Hi Melanie

I had a horrible labour and birth experience in our huge Central London First World hospital but now feel so ungrateful for complaining when I read what conditions are like for these women. You are doing the most incredible job - I think it's wonderful to take the time to celebrate with the mothers as well as giving gifts.

I would like to donate something. I don't think I have many suitable second hand clothes, but was thinking of buying a couple of packs of cute onesies and sending them over. Or would money be easier? I would imagine that it would stretch much further over there than here in the UK. Could Tertia put a Paypal donations button on her site? Let me know what is best to do...

And, you're amazing

Paola xx

Yeah! a paypal donation button would be fantabulous, then those of us without kids (and therefore, without used kid stuff) could send cash...

Yes a PayPal button would be lovely! Every dollar counts.

You mentioned that she had some money for a website now ... does she have hosting? I would be DELIGHTED to build a website for her for free if she has hosting that supports FrontPage extentions.

Please let me know.


This is simply a fabulous thing, kudos to your sister for caring. I second the paypal button.

Oh, I'm thoroughly inspired. I love to knit, especially baby blankets ... and I would enjoy nothing more than to make some for these moms & babies. I just need to figure out the best way to get them to you. I'm thinking shipping to California and then having your BIL pick them up when he is in the States.

Although, I will find out if there are any discounted rates for shipping overseas if for charity ...

May I use the CA, USA address as well? I have plenty of new born stuff, most with new tags, as my child came out of me wearing 3-6 months closing...please let me know.

I would love to make little hats and socks to send! I'll get to work right away. YOur sis in an inspiration! :)

Mel might want to consider providing the mothers of children born still with a shirt and socks, something they can put the baby in and then keep.

I know myself along with many mothers of children born still always appreciated having these things.

Oh and if she needs hosting, I will be happy to provide that for free. Blue, I can take FP extensions.

I am in tears...what a beautiful family in all forms and fashions that you are from Tertia... I will see what I can do to help also.

Thank you so much for sharing this and many, MANY thanks to your sister...

I live in California so shipping to Mountain View would be very affordable for me, but I have a question. I'd love to send some more things for the mothers themselves, soo...
1) What kinds of small things would be most useful to these women for themselves? Hair clips was what sprang to mind. If that would be useful, what kind? Or maybe hand lotion?
2) What is the incidence of breastfeeding with these moms? Would nursing pads (either disposible or washable) be a good thing to send?
3) Blankets seem to be covered. What about pouch-type slings? They are easy to sew.

Also, I'll also agree a paypal link would go a long way to help you towards your goals of buying things like a table and chair and microwave. You might need to have someone in the states or England host it for you though, as Tertia had to do with the link for Rose's surgery.

Won't your BIL be overwhelmed with stuff to "carry" home, if we all send it to CA? Or can he put it in the cargo area (baggage check?) of the plane? Er, um... maybe he'd need to bring extra suitcases in that event?

You may have just opened the floodgates, Tertia. ;-)


Sorry if I missed this in the original info, but is there a way to send money to the charity as well so that they can use for the radio, materials, etc.?

I have a box full of baby clothes looking for a new home, and would love to send them to mountain view. Is inundation going to be a problem? I would even be willing to pay for the shipping to SA, just don't have the time to figure out how to do it all. Also, would cloth diapers be helpful? I have a pile of prefolds that need new homes. I third the idea of a paypal button and/or a wishlist on your website.

Tertia, your sister sounds amazing! And Bridgette, I gave you kudos when T first mentioned what you are doing, but you deserve so much more!

May I humbly make a suggestion to everyone who wants to help Bosom Buddies? What Melanie is doing is awesome, but most of us live in areas with women in similar situations. Perhaps we all could do a 1:1 giving. One blanket to send to Bosom Buddies, and one blanket for your local hospital/charity/organization. One warm cap to BB, one to your local. Etc.

It would be incredible to help everyone, but if we all did the 1:1, we get to help Melanie's organization AND our own communities.

I think Angela Jolie should know about this organization. Think what HER input could give. Now let me email her.. ;) Great job!!

I was very impressed to read about Bosom Buddies. It is wonderful that there are people who care so much out there. I am a Canadian expat living in Guatemala and the public hospitals here see about 30-50 women give birth every day. Many of them have very little for their infants as well. I´m inspired to see if I can start a similar program down here for Guatemalan mothers! Hope you don´t mind if I borrow the idea!

anything to do with charities i am in. Where can i send money for this. Please post on here.

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