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Ooh, I want to be on a Blog roll! :)

I'm hoping that's a picture of a very chubby leg. It kind of looks like one of those nake mole rats.

Oh I just have to guess - I think that body part is a tummy (at least that's what mine looks like post-pregnancy. Ah - where is a good plastic surgeon when I need one.)

I'm sitting here scrunching my foot and it kinda looks like that. So, the sole of a foot?

I would've thought the weekends with Julie would be the boobie prize!!

Iknow this sounds like I'm a total pervert but it sure looks like a little circ'ed baby weenie at full attention.

But since I'm evidentally insane, you can put me down for a foot or a wrist or something.

Hey that's my ex!!!!!!

How did you get a photo of his willie???

Looks like a closed eyelid to me

My guess is a pic of lips puckered up and turned sideways.

The elbow of a left arm and left breast.

I wish my girls were still that perky...


I think fingers.


Thumb clenched in fist

Looks like a knuckle to me.

belly button?

closed eyelid beside a finger?

I second the puckered lips turned 90 degrees.

I say the thighs of some baby legs.

I can see why you decided to go for Botox...



I'm with Heather—upper arm and shirt-clad bosom.

Yeah, I totally see the upper arm next to a boob and partial tummy covered by a flesh-colored shirt.

Is that the bottom of a foot, or a thumb?

It looks like something else...but even you would not go there...at least I don't think you would!

I'm afraid to guess...my inital guess was along the lines of Margalit's!

I'm going to have to go with post baby tummy on that one. I so enjoyed the Bosom Buddies entry. I'm going to send a donation along with my quilt squares. That is a fantastic cause.


That reminds me of the Ass or Elbow quiz!

Is this a photo of a human body part? I'm stumped.

left arm and side of chest?

You are not nearly fat enough for that to be your upper arm, nor are you sick enough to actually post a pic of a family members member. I'm going with finger cleavage. I hope I win, I'd love to meet (read: get drunk with) Julie!

Yeah, I go with the arm tight to a chest/belly. The crinkly/wrinkled part definitely looks like material and not skin.

(Where are you people getting male members?? Sick, sick, sick. I don't see it at all and that makes me jealous.)

Arm sqeezed against the side from the back. Mine looks like that. Only lumpy.
Did that make any sense at all?

Thumb. Or something really gross.

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