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Very nice work. Thanks for the feedback.

I do not deny being an asshole. I am just unaware of it 99.9% of the time.

Tertia, you are wonderful.

Smooches back, yes I'd love to meet up, but I live in Gauteng..... I don't give baby advice 'cos it is a LONG time ago since I had one.

I'd love to meet up to see your little ones and have lunch - def next time I am in CT :D Could be a while, but will remember - I am told I have a memory like - what are those big animals again ? (j/k!)

Thanks for these results - it's v. interesting indeed!

We love ya!

Oh, T! You are a statistical numbers freak, too! YAY!

Not on the blogroll because I'm too lazy to come up with the requisite 5 witty words (x 2).

Its a pleasure, treasure. I love your polls!
Btw, do you want to swap your twins for mine? My three teens are doing their half yearly exams....WAY too may assholes in this house!!

I like your polls because I can answer 100% honestly and 100% anonymously! I think.

When you say you are surprised about the % of inferts, "because of where I come from", did you mean because you are in South Africa and there aren't many infertiles there, or did you mean because you are infertile too and of course you would have a fair amount of inferts reading your blog? I've been surprised at how many fellow inferts came out of the woodwork when I found out I was. Many many women have a story to share.

I agree the pregnancy loss and neonatal loss are very different. I have suffered 1st trimester m/c's and they bite... but I don't think I experienced the depth of loss those that have suffered later term losses have.

I am not on your blog roll because I am squidgey about having masses of people reading my blog. Not ready for that kind of exposure!

I get off on statistical analysis so I really like this post! Statistical analysis is v v sexy.

I'm not on your blogroll because you haven't put me on. Wah!

Tertia, I would love to be on your blogroll, if you think I'm either G&D enough, or enough of an asshole, or both.

Oooh, I heart Excel, too - when I was bored at work, I used to make charts of all sorts of statistics. I'm such a nerd.

Yea, I'd love to be on the blogroll, too, but I'm not sure I actually have anything worthwhile to contribute. My blog is just me-ramblings, not really about anything. It's hard enough getting my IRL friends to read it ;)

I'm the same as Heather - me and my me-ramblings blog would love to be on your blogroll, but I don't know if I'm G&D enough to qualify. ;)

(En ik kom niet uit Zuid-Afrika, maar ik spreek wel Nederlands en kan je Afrikaans dus verstaan, wat ik heel erg cool vind, haha - like being in Tertia's Club or something, LOL.) ;)

As the token stats nerd, I reckon it would also be cool to do a "count" of options. That is, what proportion of people ticked 5 responses and had 5 things in common with you, or what proportion of people only ticked 1 response and only had 1 thing in common and so on. Is there anyway to see who looked at the poll but didn't tick anything?

Ok I'm not on the blog roll because I'm chicken - truthfully I'd love to have lots of people read it, but I'm also chicken to promote it. So chicken that I stopped. But recently I realized I love writing on it, so it's revived. And I guess by this comment I'm 'outing' myself.

I don't give kids advice because your twins are 6 mo's older than my son so I don't feel like I have much to offer. Instead I steal all the advice and use it myself ;).
Amanda Lynn

OK, just because I love you, and maybe also because I've had 1 1/2 glasses of wine, here is my blog:


Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

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