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Next poll with check boxes needs to be reasons 1 through 26, and on how many we agree...


That is neat. The only thing it does not do is tell you how many responses there were. Like the first one says "being female" with 100 votes and then it says 19%. That is 19% of the total checks but not the total poeple voting.

So now go on and figure out how to do that. ;) HEE HEE

Also, I think you should seperate pregancy loss and neonatal death. I have had three pregnancy losses but they were early. (before 12 weeks) I hope I don't hurt anyones feelings saying they were VERY WANTED and it totally sucked but it is no where near having a baby die in your arms. IMO anyway.

I felt bad checking that box.

Darling! The only thing we do NOT have in common is being South African! I never knew I was so gorgeous and divine, thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Wow, Tertia, did you check that out? MOST people who read your blog aren't here as infertiles or folks who've lost a baby. We come simply because you are, in fact, a gorgeous & divine writer.

Like Erica, the only thing we don't have in common is being South African! :)

Check you out!!! Smarty pants...
Well it looks like you are getting a big crowd from people with little ones huh... I wonder what the poll would have looked like if you were able to have done it while still in treatments??? hmmm

Love this ... Wonder if, since you don't know who is checking what on your poll, you might ask those who want to tell you what we did and did not check. Maybe you've already done this before, though.

Also, I felt similarly weird as Gina did, checking the same box as neonatal loss. Maybe that's totally ridiculous ... miscarrying was awful, but somehow doesn't seem the same.

Check boxes are fun. It's interesting that not very many people have admitted to being G
& D assholes. I think we all are, in our own ways.

I had the same two thoughts that Gina did...

Oh, and I'm an asshole, just not particularly G&D. ;)

Wow, if I were infertile, lived in South Africa, and had twins, I'd be YOUR twin. But I bet mom would still always think you were the more G&D one.

All I need is twins and living in SA and I'd be frigheningly similar to you! Eeks! Kind of scary, eh?

You forgot one - general parental grief 'n' drama. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, it's what I use to explain my feeling affiliation with all the infertiles. The experience of growing into normal motherhood after loss of pregnancies and babies feels similar to mine growing into (mostly) normal motherhood after dealing with my son's autism.

Anyway, that and the G&D part are why I'm here.

What was asshole reason #26?

I had 7/10 commonalities wit you, but I didn't count the G&D one... haven't decided whether I'm G&D....

I can't see the poll!

You mean only 20% of readers are women? Surely this is a mistake? (Not to stereotype or anything)

well, I decided to check the om and little babies box as I am looking forward to being a mom later this year... I notice that the second most popular choice is G&D a$$hole :D I have to wonder which part of that we associate ourselves with?? hahaha

I'm with Gina - I had pregnancy losses but nothing compared to a neo-natal loss. I felt badly checking that box as well.

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