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#5 - You look gorgeous in all, but 5 is my fave!

Love your smile in #4!

#2 is great if you can get it lightened some, #3 has a nice hint of boob but favorite is #4.

I like 5 too. You look like a model.


2 or 4 - You have a beautiful smile!

4 or 5.. they are by far the most g&d! :)

I like #4 best but I had a hard time deciding between that and #1. :)

Errrmmm. . .2 or 4. .number 4 I think.You look beautiful on all of them ,you look like a model Tertia.

1, 4, or 5

but I like 4 best

what do you want as the mood of it? that would tell you how cheery you want the picture. #1 looks like a courageous survivor. #4 is cuter and breezier.

i think #3 has the best combination of looking pleasant, but you also really show up in it - i think in some of them, depending on how big the pic will be printed, you sort of disappear in the wider background.

Delurking to say that I like 4 best, because you're not really smiling in 1, 3 or 5, and I like the black better than the white shirt. But you look gorgeous in all of them!

Everbody's loving #4 - it's that smile. If you were any more G&D I'd puke.

Also love #5, don't know why, I just do.

Thanks for the blog role, was wondering why I was getting so many hits from Tertia today.

3 or 5. Most expressive. A smile can cover up a lot but in 4 and 5 you look expressive, emotional, honest. I think for your book a more serious look is better. Especially since you are G&D anyway...

a head shot -- but none of those are of you giving head. what's up with that?

I have to vote for #4 too. Great photo!


2 or 4 your smile makes you look like the fun person that you are in those two pics.

Number 4 by a long shot!

You have to SMILE. Your smile is gorgeous! [and divine]. :)

love #2 or #4
hate #1 and #3

Number 4, definitely my favourite.

I vote 3 and 5, I think they are both really nice and look great for the book.

four!! definitely four!! then maybe five after that. good luck!

gosh, you are beautiful. I LOVE #2. The Saucy head tilt with the white shirt and suggestion of cleavage. The great smile. I agree with someone up above that it would be perfect if it was just lightened a little bit.

You look g&d in all of them, but i like 4 and 5 the best.

Option #4

My two cents:

#2 is very pretty and feminine and hotty.

#5 is very pretty and professional.

2 is my favorite, but they all look lovely.

(God, I come off as such a suck-up.)

Option 4

#4 please.


My boys are chanting with me on this one!

I like #4 the best and #5 is a very close runner up.

2 or 4!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

I think 4 has to be it though!!!!


I like #4 you look really relaxed and happy.

FOUR!!!!! Feminine, relaxed, happy, genuine, pretty, but also strong and gorgeous.

#2 if you can crop it in and lighten...

OR my other choice which is just as flattering #4.

Don't you just love this part... me? I'm going to get my headshots done sometime soon. Whenever I can find a good hair day and a photographer that is available. :-)

4 or 5 but leaning towards 4.

Very beautiful shots

#2 looks so relaxed and happy.
#3 makes it look like you have a great rack... ;)

#4 is fab. You have a great smile. #5 is my second pic, it's very glam. Can't beat #4 though... congrats on the book!

#2 is my favorite but they are all great, I had Joe come in and look then and didn't tell him what I chose and he picked #2 also. Any picture is beautiful.

Number 2

I voted for #4, but I really like #1 as well.

I vote for 2 or 4. Great pics!

I like #4!

4, no question. 2 is nice also but it's too dark.

#4, definitely

#4 - you must be smiling!

2, because you look most alive in that one. Not that you look dead in any of them - keerist.
Number two, because you look like you're laughing after hearing a joke or smiling at a friend.

you won me with #2 what a great photo I only wish I looked that good G&D oh yeah you so are!

U R HOTT! Option 2. Plus I hope you're going with the needle pointing at the naked female belly for the cover? That cover will sell a lot of books. -V.

4- for sure

2 if they can lighten the background, which is rather dark. Great pics! congrats-this is exciting.




Number 4 - you look stunning in that one. And I'm obviously not the only one who thinks so! :)

2 or 4. I like when you are smiling.

All of the pics are good, so I'll just post my thoughts.

#5 is excellent, except for the "busy" background. If photographer can edit out everything but your portrait, go for that picture.

#2, #3 and #4 are so lovely... just not sure a "smiley" picture fits the tone of your book. Only you can judge that, though, as I haven't read the whole thing. ;-)

So, by process of elimination, I guess I'd have to vote for #1. Even with a serious expression, you are SO gorgeous, Tertia! I've never had the opportunity to see your eyes this close up before - they are so beautiful and expressive!

Did you ever realize you are actually so photogenic?

#2 is the prettiest I think, but 4 and 5 are really close behind. Man, I wish I had such problems ;)

I love #2 if you can crop it a bit.


I like Option 2 best!

1 - if you want serious but approachable
4 if you want happy.

I voted for 5 (if the busy background can be edited out). 4 is lovely but I wonder if the wide smile doesn't look a bit 'frivolous' for the subject matter.

Definitely #4...you look so happy!

#2 or #5. But they're all great photos.

I loved #2 and #4 ........go with #4, its perfect.
You're not a bad lookin' old bag, you know that?

Number 5. Definitely definitely.

Looks fab, but in a thoughtful way.

Tertia, these pictures are stunning. Totally G&D. I chose nr 5. $ is really nice but I agree with Paola. Maybe a slightly more serious look for a serious author.

Sorry, mistype, meant to say 4 is really nice...

3 or 5...
you look brilliant, funny, and wonderfully introspective.


i love your smile in 2 and 4, but the turtleneck in 5 and the way your head is turned slightly is more flattering. you have such strong features that a straight-on shot where you're looking directly at the camera is not as complimentary as one where you're breaking up the line...you have such a lovely, long neck, but that's accented by your hair, so a v-neck shirt would work well with an upswept hairstyle, but isn't really necessary for the way you're wearing your hair in the photos.

I love # 5!

I think there's a publishing rule that authors can't smile in photos! So #4 is a terrific head shot but it doesn't have that soulful gazing thing that you usually see in author pix...so I vote for #3. I like the lighter shirt with the v neck, it's a bit softer.

All of them are G&D of course!

Number 4

Tersh - I love 2 and 5. I enlarged all of them and had a close look...I was also thinking 4 - but when I enlarged it... it just isn't the Tersh i know... don't know how to explain it. I would say 5 - it is you.
xxx Mel xxx


I like either 2 or 4. They show more personality. Options 1 and 5 are more of a deer-caught-in-the-headlights sort of look.

Due to the serious nature of the book, I'm going to say #1.

I really like #4 for you 2nd book. Ya' know... the one about staying G & D with twins. ;)

4, please.

#5 is my fave.

I'd go with 4. Five is nice, but the background is too busy.

Numbers 1 & 5 are my favourites. I would go with 5. Whenever I see an author's headshot with the author grinning, it seems frivolous (of course, I know *you're* not! But for someone who doesn't know you...).

In #5 you look stunning, interested and interesting, friendly and approachable. I would want to hear the story of the woman in #5.

Oh yeah: and holy crap! you photograph well!

I really like #3

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