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Hey you! Happy Friday! It's 3:20 pm here so I'll be joining you at the virtual happy hour any time now!

We are having a holiday weekend here so most regular workers and schools will have Monday off for Memorial Day. We are supposed to observe a moment of silence for those who died in the service of our country, but I'm going to spend mine praying for someone's impeachment. Bottom's up!

Tertia, I've never actually laughed out loud before from a blog but you did it! V.v. funny. And I've gotten off my arse and signed up. thanks!

So when are you going to alphabetize/categorize you G&D list?

*ducking wine glass aimed at head*

hi tertia,

love your blog...you definitely give me hope...i just started my blog a couple of months ago, so i'm still learning. thanks for adding me!!


5 words: pcos, disney chick, haole girl, reader, quilter



dating, looser, friends, ass, love

Here ya go. :) Always enjoy your blog, Tertia! your kids are beautiful!

dating, looser, friends, ass, love

Here ya go. :) Always enjoy your blog, Tertia! your kids are beautiful!

Finally getting up the courage to delurk - I am an and have been for a long time an avid reader of your blog. Thank you for your honest humor and for sharing so much of your life with Adam and Kate. Following your journey has given me courage when I am scared about the arrival of my twins. I am also fascinated with South Africa (long time musical fan of Johnny Clegg) and love to read about your country through your eyes. Thought I should finally get up the courage and add mine to your list :) Thanks always making me think.

The Unachievable Double Lines - http://Almost_home.typepad.com

infertility, IVF, bedrest, twins, trying to stay one step ahead of disaster

Blogging style: honest but reserved, self reflective but not too serious, shy blogger who cares

emailing? way too tough.

alright, here i am.

blog: 'usako' http://usako.ca/blog/
key words: random blurtings from a first time 20-something parent living a poor student's life in vancouver, bc canada.

really, nothing v substantial there, but it's all honest so i stand by that.

emailing? way too tough.

alright, here i am.

blog: 'usako' http://usako.ca/blog/
key words: random blurtings from a first time 20-something parent living a poor student's life in vancouver, bc canada.

really, nothing v substantial there, but it's all honest so i stand by that.

Am so very very happy - it's been so long - I finally get to have wine tonight, too. Well, I will if my sick tummy feels better...

Toothbrush poll: Ask/persuade partner to get my toothbrush. He probably would.

Okay, okay, I'm useless when confronted with categorization questions. :)

Blog: Containing multitudes
Location: http://www.multiplicity.ca/blog
Description: Eccentric writer ~ urban mum transplanted to 'burbs ~ parenting after neo-natal loss ~ abuse survivor/MPD/DID
Blogging style: Blunt, sometimes serious, sometimes not, and - eccentric! Yes!


useless tantrums about everything from riding the bus to baseball/pictures of my dogs/being gorgeous and divine of course

Delurking to say I've been inspired by you and your posse to start my own blog in the past few months. My five words sum up the story well enough:
Miscarriages, Infertility, IVF/ICSI, Down Syndrome, Motherhood.

Hi Tertia, my url has changed since the last time. Jenn's Journal (which was www.jennsjournal.net) is now http://jennsjournal.clubmom.com

Hi Tertia! I'm already on the blog roll (#8 down I believe!) but the URL points to someone else's blog. My correct URL is http://www.ninabina.com/babybilbo.html. Could you be so kind as to correct this? Thanks!

Mother/Student/Wife/Gastric Bypass/love wine, books, and most of all my baby.

Because I'm the Mom, And I SAID So

kids/my life/random thoughts/family updates/pictures


Military spouse surviving another deployment/Mommy to a 16 month old little boy/Adventures of a Labor and Delivery nurse/& Just trying to find time to breathe.

i read your blog all the time. i have my own blog, but it's not baby related etc..

loving your list so far :)

The Fertility Project -- http://fertilityproject.blogspot.com

Pregnant with twins after injectibles/IUI for hypothalamic amenorrhea. Oh, and my mom's the head nurse at my RE clinic.

I'm lazy! Lazy lazy lazy! Hey, there's five words to describe my blog!



Wellll, when you put it like thaaat - how can we refuse?? ;)

daysgoby URL: http://jessalogic.blogspot.com/

Big city smartass girl marries small town earnest boy, moves to new country, has two children, three cats. How the hell did this all happen?

HI Tertia-

Love your blog. Must read it daily. Now consider myself to be G&D!!!

Blog: http://doctormer.livejournal.com/

subject: recently divorced woman after infertility; 30-something trying to contemplate dating again while attempting to hold down a tenure-track faculty position; lots of usage of the f-word

Well, okay, since you asked...

Blog: http://www.80srule.blogspot.com

Description: baby & husband/psychoanalysis/cats/pop culture/the 1980s

Sometimes I write about deep personal topics, sometimes I write about crappy TV shows. You never know what you'll get!

Oh God, I AM inherently lazy and you just called me out for the whole world to see.

Here you go:


Description: twins, infertility, South Louisiana, parenting, education

Topics covered: General assholery. My G&D kid. Also, one of the leading Google hits for "douchebag."


About being a doctor ... and a mama ...

There was never any doubt that I am lazier than you, Tertia. But you ARE the bigger asshole.

You making us pimp out? Arse.

Infertility, PCOS, Type 2 diabetes, donor eggs, sometimes some gardening pics if you are very lucky.

Happy now???

I love you, you fabulous asshole!

The Thriftymom Blog

Thrift, rural living, anti-consumerism, long infertility now working on large family, 4 kids under 5, TTC #5

Thanks for this. You rock, sweetie.


Yes, I'm one of the assholes who was too lazy to add my name last time or to think of five words -- sorry! My blog is located at http://midlifemommy.typepad.com It's called New Midlife Mommy, because that's what I am. I had my daughter at 44 by using donor eggs after four years of infertility that gave me nothing more than two awful miscarriages. She is the light of my life, and she just turned 21 months old. I guess my key words would be motherhood/infertility/donor eggs.

Oh, what the heck. You can add me to the list.

Special and Needy

Wife and mother; child with special needs; math geek; overweight; making mistakes on a daily basis

Yup. That about sums things up.

Hey T I emailed ya and I am still not up on your bloggy thingy. Please add me!!! I sent you an email for

Porn and naked cooters.


365 days a year. Ok not really.

What makes this really pathetic is that it is 9:52 PM on a Saturday night ... 3-day Memorial Day weekend, nonetheless ... and I'm sitting here in MY bathrobe. I climbed in to the tub tonight with our 19-month old triplets after a day at the beach. Thinking that after a nice bath, I could maybe take a quick - hot shower and shave my legs. It's been at least 2 days. Actually, I think it's been 10 days. But, I couldn't take a nice hot shower after the bath because our water heater pooped out on us. So here I sit. In my robe waiting for water to boil in a pot on the stove so that I can make my own hot bath. And finally SHAVE my legs.

I'm not very good at following instructions. This is my best attempt.

Amazing Trips / www.amazingtrips.blogspot.com / motherhood, infertility, TODDLER triplets, Cabernet Sauvignon - in large quantities. And, I'm considering IVF ... again. So, I should also add "mental instability" to my description.


Thanks for the list. Didn't add before because I'm not so kiddie related.

Blog: Land of the Pomegranates
Location: www.timiblog.blogspot.com

20-something living in Israel/ far from family/ semi newly married/ possible motherhood/ trying to find my direction in life.

Thanks Tertia!

blog: this woman's work
location: http://www.thiswomanswork.com

writing, feminist motherhood, adoption, secondary infertility

blog: kel-bel
url: ftwr.kel-bel.com

Daily blatherings of a 20-something year old Aussie.

blog: Mommy Sparklykatt

url: http://sparklykatt.blogspot.com/

infertility, IVF, adoption, 3 year old with attachment and sensory issues

It would thrill me to no end if someone other than my husband (nosy little f-er) would read my blog!

Wellllll.... since you ASKED......


Name: Eye of the Storm

1.) 22-yr-old grad student (linguistics, at UNC Chapel Hill)
2.) Dutch speaker (born/raised in Florida but spent 1.5 yrs in the Netherlands)
3.) athlete (open-water swimming & triathlons)
4.) liberal (HATE Bush)
5.) atheist

Schnozzfest: www.schnozzfest.com

The humorous adventures of a big-nosed twentysomething from a small-minded town who moved to the city.

Zen and the Art of Child Maintenance
www.literarymama.com/columns/zen (column)
www.sharimacdonaldstrong.blogspot.com (blog)

5 Things:
snarky humor

Thanks, Tertia!

Okay so I am one of the lazy fucks who didn't do this the right way the first time you asked me to. Is too much wine in my system a good excuse? I have been reading for quite a long time and have commented a handful of times. I usually have something that I want to add but figure my voice would be lost in the many many that are already there or someone else has already made statements that I would have mirrored.
So yes, I would like to be added to the blogroll!!
Hugs for you and the gorgeous babes!

Please add me to your blogroll! My blog is "Three Times Three".


Five things I write about on my blog: motherhood, my three kids, postpartum depression, raising a child with developmental delay, returning to Australia after nine years of living in the US & Europe.

I'm too lazy to email right now, but if you could add me I'd be plenty pleased. Thanks!


ramblings of a portuguese mom of two


Just another self-absorbed mommyblogger.

5 words: besides the kid, issues with family and self-image/self-esteem, my marriage, and my thoughts about parenting.

Delurking to tell you about my blog...

BLOG NAME: Eggs shots and rock n roll

Motherhood after infertility, pcos, Canadian, baby boy

Honest, casual, simple...

Thanks for adding me!

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