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Just an idea...but maybe people sending in the squares could do a page up for you? Only if they wanted to. But if they scanned their square, they could write about who they are, where they are from and maybe good wishes for the babes? Some people might even like to add photos of themselves.

Only a thought!

I think Jodie's idea is a good one - then, once you ahve mastered the Quilting hooby, you can learn about scrapbooking and create a beautiful scrapbook for each of them to go WITH the quilts... :D

Have you considered maybe getting everyone to embroider their name and maybe something sweet on their squares????

Like I said on my previous comment, people can write on their squares in pencil and you can go over it, or they can write in indelible pen. The former is probably better...

not everyone can embroider!

A picture of the one I did is here:


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