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Hello there! Thanks for adding my blog to the list-- my blog is not coming up when I click on my link.....the address again is www.ooskerdoo.blogspot.com please let me know if there is anything I can do to make it work better.

thank you tertia.

Wow that's a lot. My link didn't work to my blog, but the link will be changing in the next few weeks anyway. Should I e-mail you the new one?

Wow. I can't believe you compiled and posted all these! Thank you.

Wow that was a lot of work. Thanks so much.Can't wait to get reading some new blogs.

Wow Tertia! That looks like an huge amount of work! Many, many thanks.

Unfortunately, my link didn't work for me. www.chasingchina.blogspot.com.

I can't wait to start reading some new blogs!

Hi tertia! What a lot of work! Sadly, my link doesn't work either


Thank you :)

thank you, dahling! but my link is not working. if you'd like the html, here it is:

wish you were here

i can't wait to take a spin through the blogs!

Thanks for compiling the list! But alas, like the ladies who have commented before me, my link doesn't work. I'm at www.worrierwarrior.blogspot.com.

Hi, thanks for adding me, but somehow the wrong link is up there. It goes to my lame MYSPACE page instead of my blog. Could that get fixed? I understand if not, I don't know how I gave the wrong address. the proper link is above....thanks.

Okay, so it's not above, I forget that it's different on different pages....the right link is my name. so sorry for the confusion.

My blog is my life changing decision to leave corporate America and start my own business to be able to spend more time with my kids. I import kids clothes from South Africa and sell them on the internet.

Hi T!

I just started this last month so there's not much there yet. Haven't wanted to send invites to the rock stars I read because I didn't want them to be disappointed by my lack of content.

Let's see, five words to describe my blog, um, thoughts, pics, family, pets, politics. Perhaps the occasional recipe, which you should save because I'm a kickass cook! Trust me, I did not get this fat on mac and cheese!

Bloggity style: hopefully a bit snarky, properly spelled, creative punctuation, honest to a fault, hopeful.

Love and hugs!


Please add me to the list (I just started my blog today, go me!)

5 key words: infertility, donor sperm, pregnancy, family craziness, whatever else strikes me at the moment

Blogging style: new to blogging so who knows! Hopefully, fun yet informative with a hint of seriousness and a large pinch of smart-assiness.

Please add me to the G&D blogroll! :)

Key words/phrases:

Mom of three / American ex-pat in Sweden

Blogging style:

kid and pet stories / lots of pictures / general observations about whatever

Liberal thirty-something wife, mother and apprenticing midwife--homebirth stories chronicled in a blog.

What an interesting way to do a blogroll! Would love to be included in your list... MotherPie.com, direct link in address, blogging on media, life, culture and tech w/ photos.
Finally Flashing with Fingertips! Cheers!

Please add me to the list!!

keywords / phrases: unexplained infertility and all the emotions that go with it (way more than 5)!

blogging style: (new blog as of late May) honest, bitter (sometimes), sarcastic, dry humor, hopefully entertaining


I am G&D - please add me!

5 key words: infertile irreverent indulgent irish ingenue

blogging style: telling it as it is

If you list the actual URLs for this blogroll, you can put them into a scroll bar and pass out the code so everyone else can copy it. I have one as an example on the bottom right sidebar of my blog for the blogging chicks. Just a suggestion!

My update worked. Thanks!

Wow, that's quite a list. I'll have to check some of them out.

Site URL: http://nobaddays.wordpress.com
BLOG NAME: nobaddays


San Diego; neo-South-African expats (not the when-we kind); child rearing; late parenthood; family and friends around the globe


frank; sardonic; optimistic; multi-media; techie


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