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I have always contended that the relationship between a son and his mother is different from the relationship between a daughter and her mother. Not better, not easier, but definitely different. I look at my own relationship with my mom - we are very, very close. We talk on the phone constantly, we email every day, she's the first person I call with news (and depending on the news, sometimes before I talk to my husband). Then, I look at my brother's relationship with my mom, and my husband's relationship with his mom. Both are wonderfully close relationships, but it isn't the same - they don't shop together or mail coupons to each other. They don't call when one of the kids loses a tooth or the baby seems to be fussing a lot. It just isn't the same.

And that is what scares me the most. I have two boys. And I love them dearly, but I already know they aren't going on marathon shopping trips with me or calling me every day when they are 37. It just isn't the same.

That's a great quote, that excerpt.

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