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T, this usually just means the beginning of the other person's url is incomplete or has a typo. If it's not there, html fills in the default beginning, which would be YOUR url.

It will be a pain but not impossible to fix - look at each of the links and check that the entire beginning, from http:// on, is there. Maybe also check if any of them have www's that should (or shouldn't) be there.

If you need help email me! And don't forget to breathe. :D Love, P.

When I compose a post in Word and then paste it into Blogger, any irregularities with left vs. right quotation marks screws up the links and adds my URL to the front. (When composing in Blogger, all the quote marks are unisex straight quotes, not left and right curly quotes.) Maybe replace the quote marks in the HTML coding for links?

Mine still doesn't work - sorry Tertia!!

Mine still doesnt' work either. I'll ask my webmaster if he knows what is up. My URL is all there in the link, so it's not something your computer has done.


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