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not only are you G&D, you are clever as well! Postsecret is one of my favourite sites, after yours of course. Have you seen the book?

I LOVE POST SECRET. Honestly... some sundays it feels like church to me... because it takes me so deep. thanks for sharing it with others!

I love Postsecret!

Postsecret is an amazing site...glad you put a link up today to it.

I love post secret (almost as much as ur site!) but it made me really sad to see some of the postcards read about not loving their mothers or children. How terribly sad :(

There's a Postsecret book as well. You should look it up. I finished it in one night.

Thank you for sharing that. I have no relationship with my mother and Mother's Day is always a tough one for me.
Reading this actually made me feel better b/c it made me remember i am not alone in this situation and many women have difficulties with their moms.

Agreed. I think I even link to it but rarely visit. "Poignant" is exactly the word I use to describe it. When I do read I am miserable for a good while afterwards. Funny how all misery can be funneled into one thing only, I always miss Uzi too much after I've been there, it's pain refreshed.

If you read Postsecret, you should read Found (http://www.foundmagazine.com/index.php?fuseaction=finds.home) - bits of paper, old letters, old photos found by people - incredibly touching.

Such a good site! Thanks T.

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