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Thought you mentioned a husband somewhere, throw the towel in, make him help!! Seriously tho'if you are 'zausted enough, you won't be able to get out of bed, so.....

good luck, and hugs

Well, at least you haven't hit the big 75-0 ;) Poor baby. Next time you need to stick a Post-it note on Marko's forehead that says, "Wake up!!" And someone really needs to invent caffeinated wine.

Wish I could trade with you at the moment, I have stupid insomnia and I could at least be using it for something!

I have had a couple of those nights and then yesterday the kid squeezed my finger in her mouth and showed me molars braking through.. So now she has an official excuswe to be a PITA at night ;-(

Tertia - re: politics. Having come along only in the last month I know nothing of the politics of the blogging world. I have no idea who likes/hates who. And what's more, I don't really care. I do know that anyone who said you can't write is full of crap. You give regularly updated, well-written, self-contained entries that are entertaining even to people outside of "all this". Well done. Live your life. Screw the virtual bitchiness.

Oh, how I miss the two naps. I feel your pain.

ps - tell Coral that with twins it doesn't work like that. Two babies awake, two parents awake. Ugh.

I had one of my worst nights ever too! Must be in the air. I only had one up, so I feel for you with 2 up!

So sorry to hear that, T! Though glad I'm not the only one who "shudders" at the thought of revisiting the infant stage (raising one, not BEING one LOL).

You are probably right on target about the naps interfering with their night sleep. Good for you, that you picked up on that nuance so quickly! I'm sure it took me much longer to figure it out. :-P (thought my child was just suddenly being a PITA about sleeping at night)

Make sure Rose keeps them awake and stimulated plenty today, so you can get some sleep tonight!

And LOL about "caffeinated wine." Great idea. ;-)

**Muuu-wah!** Big hugs and kisses. I hope you have a better night tonight!

I wonder if there is something about that age? They are one year and a few months right? I've looked at bulletin boards organized by birthday, and it seems like a common theme--that poorer sleeping occurs around this age.

Could be completely circumstantial though. And my own lack of sleep causing me to see things that aren't there (my 16-month-old was up every 30 minutes from 2:30 AM on--blech.)

Here's to both of us sleeping better soon!

Molars. Check and see. Whenever my babes differ in sleeping patterns it's one of two things. Illness or teeth.

Thank god for teething tablets and other meds.

Try to get some sleep!

One nap a day isn't so bad (though two is definitely better). My daughter will sleep anywhere from 1-3 hours all at once after lunch. Of course, I like the long ones better!

I remember stuff like this happening when my daughter was just on the verge of a developmental breakthrough, like a huge increase in her vocabulary. It's like her brain was on overdrive. Of course, if that's what it is, whenever they manifest their new wonderfulness, you'll be too exhausted to recognize it.

1) Poor Tertia
2) Sleep? What's sleep?

Feeling you pain, girl. Put some spoons in the freezer and lay down for about 5 minutes tomorrow morning with them on your eyes (hollow side towards eye - like a cave)...will reduce the puffiness at least, or give you a jolt of cold to wake you up a bit more!

You poor thing. I couldn't function on so little sleep. They probably had a ball of a time though with mamma popping in so often. Could possibly be teeth - do you have that gel stuff? Maybe you could put some of that on - its harmless enough.

Hi Tertia. . Its one of the joys of been a Mummy.You do a great job with those gorgeous babies.Hope you can catch up with some sleep.

Yes, molars, language, so many things going on with their bodies and minds right now that can disturb sleep. If you move from two naps to one, the one nap will be almost as long as the two naps together. At least that's what I've found. Henry takes a nap about 15-30 minutes after he has lunch these days and it is often a l-o-n-g one. Like 3 hours a couple times a week.

I was dreading the one-sleep a day but it's actually better than two cos it tends to be a nice long sleep (2-3 hours) and I can get things done - or nap myself :)

And he sleeps longer and better at night (Except of course when those FUCKING TWO-YEAR MOLARS took about 6 weeks to finally properly appear)

One sleep is joyous - you can actually go out in the morning, or later afternoon, without trying to do mad dashes between naps. And after awhile the afternoon nap usually becomes longer which is wonderful.

Lack of sleep sucks. I know getting up at night isn't Marko's thing and you're happy with that - but maybe he could pick up a bit of slack during the day this weekend so you can catch up? Mine have always gone through phases of night waking, but seemed to get over it on their own with time. It's a killer with twin relay, though.

What the HELL are you doing, picking them up if they laugh and play??!! Sheesh, girl, we've all been thru this with you before! Imagine me rolling my eyes at you, missy.

I, too, loved the two-a-day schedule. My 21-month-old went to one nap a day at 18 months and is SUCKED at first. He wouldn't long enough and was crabby all. the. time. Now that he has settled into it, it is BETTER than two naps. It lets you be more flexible.

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