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You made my heart melt. What can I do to help? Can I send you yarn to crochet more blankets? I would love to contribute something. Anything.

I don't even know what to say T. You made me all teary with this post. I really love this little blanket project.

Thank you for bringing the suffering of poor people in Africa to my attention. I'm so glad I found something I could do to make a difference. Even if it is just a small package, I really hope it makes whoever gets them feel a bit better. The next package has 2 lipglosses and a bracelet. I think the 3rd package will include a pair of booties too. I know its starting to get cold there. And I found cuter onesies.

Thank you for taking the time to get these blankets where they are needed. I couldn't have done this without your help.

Charlie would have died without surfactant. Guess how it makes me feel to read that South African preemies don't get it as a matter of course.

Bridgette, you are a marvelous, generous person.


Thank you for doing something lovely and tangible for women in South Africa. It seems rare that people actually take action when something affects them. But change starts with the first actions.

I'm sure your gifts will be cherished.

Bridgette, you are a wonderful, special person.

Julie, I thought of the same thing when I read the article.

T, I just cleared out my closet and I have a LOT of bras in new condition that no longer fit, and some womens clothes. I usually donate such things to the local charity shops, is there a charity in S.A. That I could mail them to?

And could I sew fleece blankets? I can't crochet, but I could sew blankets, maybe the kind with a little hood to help keep the baby warm.

I'm starting to learn a lot more about the situation in Ethiopia, because I work in HIV research and my group collaberates with doctors in Addis, I'd love to join in and help a South African charity.

Rosemary, I sewed a few fleece ones as well. I'm getting old, and my elbow starts to ache after crocheting for a while. The fleece ones are nice and soft and warm, and with winter starting in SA, the fleece will keep those sweet babies warm.


Can you email me with the charities you work with in Ethiopia? My adoption SW does alot with Ethiopia charities. (as well as Liberia, West Africa, where I am adopting from) I may also be adopting from Ethiopia this summer as well.

You really are a special person, Brid. I'm proud to know you.


Any idea how many needy moms give birth each day? Could your sister give us a handle on the numbers?

What are the most important things these women need? I assume most/all breastfeed... is there any call for things like lanolin cream (soreness/cracking from nursing) and nursing pads? Do they use pacifiers, as a matter of course? What about diapers... cloth or disposable?

Thank you for being so compassionate, B and T (and The Clapper! LOL). I hope more of us are able to help.

When Morgan was born 2 months prem (he's 3 1/2 now), he was given surfactant and the whole works, and spent a month in ICU at the Park Lane Hospital in Joburg, two weeks of that on a ventilator, sedated.

Yes, what about pacifiers? That is something small I could fit in the package. I am always on a quest for small items that will travel well.

Bridgette sure deserves the recognition for these beautiful blankets for the babies and the gifts for the moms. Bridgette is one of the most unselfish caring, loving and giving persons. Hopefully this post and what Bridgette has done will make more of us realize the need to help those that are in need.
Hey Bridgette, what if I sent you some sunglasses to put in the boxes instead of sending them to T?

Beautiful, Bridgette!

My little guy was 1 lb 15 oz. *shudder*

Send away Charmaine! I'm sure the new Moms would love those, especially in sunny Africa.

And you are all making my head swell! :)

I was initially going to email you for your address so I could send some baby stuff when I found this entry. It must be meant to be. Your sister's idea is fantastic. Can the charity take used items in good condition? Please send your address again so I can send something. Maybe you could put together a post that can tell us what is needed???

Bridgette, You're beautiful. Thank you!!!!

Rhonda C.

Bridgette you are such an incredible sweetheart but I already knew that and Tertia's post doesn't surprise me at all.

I'm so lucky to know you.

Waaaay up there in the first reply, I asked about sending you yarn. Would that be a helpful/welcome donation to your project? I also read about your fleece blankets. Sometimes I come across these great unbound fleece blankets at Ikea that are the size of a throw (you could probably make at least 2 blankets out of them) and they are reeeeally inexpensive. Interested in those?

I think I would like to help out with this as well. Not sure in what way, but I can definitely buy stuff and send it over. I tried to google the charity "Bosom Buddies" but could not find it. Perhaps I should contact Bridgette directly? I could run over to Costco and buy cases of candy, but that may be too much candy? Perhaps onesies would be better. Must think about what would be best.

Dani, anything you can spare would be appreciated. Yarn is good, and so is fleece. The crocheted ones take about a week while the fleece ones take about 20 minutes. Whatever you want to send is good.

Another thing I could use is beads. I got my Daughter to help with making bead bracelets, but the really nice beads are pricey. Anyone have extra beads they could spare?

I'm not sure about mass quantities of candy just because I may not be able to make enough blankets to keep up with a huge amount.

This is really getting exciting!

And to all my dear friends who have said such nice things about me, you all have made me feel so loved. Thank you!

Bridgette - Thanks... I just emailed you!

Hi Ladies,

I am going to be sending McDonalds Happy Meal Toys that I have been saving. My boys have way too many toys so I ask for girl toys. I have Madame Alexander dolls (only a few) and other dolls. I thought that might be a good thing to send. Maybe others have some laying around they could spare???

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