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Wow, I don't think I've ever seen such an accurate photo! I mean, the true beauty is that one picture captured the essence... Especially the "asshole" banner...hehe ;-)

love it!

Looks like my garden in Jhb!

An oldie but a goodie! It's just like the stereotype of us here in Australia with kangaroo's hopping up and down the middle of the street.... or as i convinced a very innocent(international) pen pal of mine whilst at school, hopping along beside me on a leash carrying my schoolbooks in it's pouch!

It looks like you have a lot of great neighbors who can babysit...

Asshole. ;)

Whore ;)

One of my very favortie blog photos!

Yeah, in my backyard, everyone wears cowboy hats, rides horses and chews tobacco. Tumbleweeds blow through our playscape all the time, and rattlesnakes number just as many as the population of our town (okay, the rattlesnake part might be a bit on the true side).

Yeah, and where I grew up everyone had a few sheep in their back yards - just there in case anyone wanted to shag em...

I must say, I like the panda bear best.

Love the airplane banner...it definetely adds to the pic. :)

Oh man, I just spit out my coffee. Especially loved the panda and Godzilla, and the banner behind the plane. So damn funny!

Tertia, even though I know you're AFI (away-from-internets), I still must tell you that I dreamt that I came to visit you (from Vancouver, BC Canada) last night!

I got to see the babes, though they slept most of the time. You ended up running out of things to entertain me with, so I spent most of the time feeling bad that I was so boring. And then you sent me on my merry way home, with souvenirs: frozen breakfast sausage and hashbrowns with ketchup.

Don't ask. But now I wish we had that food in the house so I could eat it :(

PS - You were v v thin in my dream =p

My favourite is the cate with the face of an antelope.


CAT, not cate.

Still love this pic. My 4 year old says "No way Jose! There's a T-rex in their backyard. I thought they were all gone?" Now she can't wait to show her big sister.

[snigger] i love this picture so much, keep coming back to look. have a lovely holiday.

this made my day.

Love this pic. Especially the penguin and Godzilla. Cracks me up.

Here in Louisiana, everyone thinks we have alligators living in our backyards. And that's one of the nicer things they say about our state.

Nothing against your kids, but, that is the best damn picture you have ever posted!!!
Thanks for the hoot and making me laugh out loud today!!!!


Hey, you really had me going there for a minute, until I saw Godzilla, because he was in MY backyard!

EXACTLY how I've always imagined SA

The giant praying mantis? Brilliant.

Wait. You made time to photoshop this right before leaving on vacation? You have exactly the same work habits/priorities _I_ do!

When I visited England on 'holiday' and told some Londoners I am from Texas, they asked if we still rode horses everywhre and if my 'garden' was a desert.
Right smart folks that side of the pond.

man u fuckn fake! anyone wit eyes can c dat photo aint real!

Omg this is so funny! You forgot the huts, lol.

I knew it! Thanks for the verification!! haha! :0)

- Denise -
Los Angeles, CA

LOL...that's so fake! Godzilla comes from Japan...everybody knows that! And you so nearly had me convinced. My kids are still afraid to go outside though...the giant preying mantis is scary!

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