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Your idea of roughing it and mine are the same, girlfriend!

Not sure you'll get much quality Marko time with the babes in tow, although there isn't much else to do at night when they've gone to bed except shag.

Regardless, you'll have a great time with loads of laughs. Kids seem to love the excitement of a new place with new things to do, and they have you as a captive audience because you aren't worrying about the housework or cooking. It is safer staying home where everything is familiar, but what's the fun in that??

Hope you have a great time, clever you posting ahead!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - and esp enjoy NOT having the internet :)

Clever sausage! That's new to me.
You are ever ever so clever.

{rolling on floor carrying on like a crabby 3 year old...} No. NO. NOOOOOOOO! I will not be subjected to pre-fabricated posts while you frolic with Marko.

Oh. Okay. If you must. You may as well have fun while you're at it.

Seriously... it'll be fine. If you forget something, you can buy something to replace it. Their whole world is going to be turned upside down and they probably wouldn't notice 'missing' things anyway.

Enjoy! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Smooches! xoxo


You sound like a friend of mine who I often quote..."If there's no room service, it's camping".

I'm sure you will have a perfectly wonderful time!

Have an awesome time. Thanks for working it out so we would still get new entries. Yours is the 1st blog I read daily. I start my day with you and a cup of tea!!!

Ha! I love it. I was sitting here chugging my cofee thinking "crap, four whole days..." then when I hit the part about not having to do without, I was greatly relieved. Thanks for the morning smile.

clever sausage! have a lovely time


Have a wonderful time! Enjoy the time with your husband and babies.

Clever sausage? You rock, woman.

Hope you all have a wonderful time. Will miss you anyway :)

Have a great time - you deserve it you clever sausage, you! Big smooch back at ya!

Have a fantabulous trip! Remember, whatever you leave at home you either didn't need or can get somewhere else.

"Clever sausage"? Now I am going to HAVE to adopt that and use it daily.

Lol, have a wonderful time! Ya'll deserve it!!

Have a great time and we won't miss you..thanks for thinking ahead for us tertiaaddicts!

I've gone away a couple of time and a hotel room is WAY easier than staying at someone's home. The hotel gives you cribs and it's so easy. Things are pretty much baby-proofed already. you will love it. See you when you get back!

ha- on the poll, more people are choosing chocolate as the one thing they couldn't give up more than sleep and sex.

Have fun!!!

Sleep is my firt thing right now...maybe when the babies are older I'll care more about other things. :)

Have a wonderful time and just remember, what schedule mess ups happen while you're gone can be remedied once back at home. :-) I shall miss you but I think its a wonderful opportunity for your family.


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Enjoy you lucky and clever sausage...!

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