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A friend of mine just got pounced on by a pack of a-holes with issues. She was very cool about it, though—said she knew she'd flush out some assholes with her post and pays it no mind. I got myself involved (I can't resist, dammit), and one of the a-holes described me as "fairly reprehensible." That offends me because (a) I am incredibly reprehensible, and (b) I have prehensile toes.

You're hilarious, Orange!

I remain anon because of the field of work I'm in, but I would never say something nasty or personal because I haven't published my full name. It is a shame though that sometimes a healthy debate or disagreement is seen as an attack. I don't think differing opinions are always encouraged on blogs.

It is such a shame that dickheads out there feel some sense of gratification from making horrible, or even threatening, remarks. And I can understand why blogs shut down. But even though the few assholes taint our view, we shouldn't forget that they ARE in the minority. Unfortunately though it seems with bloggers that one horrible comment can undo a hundred positive ones. Same thing happens in real life too.

So weird.... I was just going to email you about that thread. I was reading the comments and got like three lines into a good one and realized, "Hey... That has to be Tertia!", scrolled down and there was your link. Funny that I recognised your 'voice'. Then I realized that means I waste too much of my day reading blogs if I can recognize someones writing and depressed the hell out of myself. j/k ;)

Nothing to say about the debate except that I have never flamed anyone and never posted anon. It's not my style.


Orange! Love your rockin' post!!
Well, i spotted you too! i don't think i read enough of these things.. the only way i know about these crazy ass debates and fights is b/c you mention them and then i go there!
I have never mad a nasty comment to a blogger (you!), but, have disagreed vehemently with some bloggers and attacked the nasty, especially anonymous ones who are complete assholes to you and yours. What can i say? I lurve you!

I've always thought blogging must be tough. Especially infront of such a large, diverse, and .... international audience. Not only interpersonal but also many intercultural toes to step on. And there will always be those who yell OUTCH even if they themselves purposely placed their big toe unter your cowboy boot (or high heeled stiletto). Yet it always saddens me when a blogger I love closes shop. Sometimes because their children have arrived, and they are just too busy. Or because they're moving on with their lives. Or because they've simply had enough of wondering every time they hit 'publish' whose sensitive sensitivities they will offend this time. Not that they don't the perfect right to do what is best for them. But it saddens me.

So I wanted to tell you I appreciate it. I appreciate that you take the time out of your incredibly busy life to talk to all us a$$holes. I appreciate your willingness to put up with the easily offended and the mean of spirit, to talk to us about mothering and South Africa and Marco and writing and those adorable kids. It enriches my day, and thus my life, and I'd hate to miss it. And I especially appreciate, after sharing the hard parts, of being able to share the joy. So thank you, Tertia. Really.

I guess sometimes I may irritate people because I say what I think. If I thought something would really hurt someone then I would probably keep it to myself. It is just that sometimes I can be a little blunt and a bit of tactfulness might help. I really don't like fakeness and ass kissing so I sometimes just say what I think without the frills.

I didn't get the full story from her blog, but I got the impression Karen was a bit frightened by the comments left for her. The cyberworld is scary place soemetimes, and I certainly therefore understand the desire for anonimity. I hope it resolves itself and that whomever prompted the shut down is defused somehow. I too enjoyed her writing and unique perspective, she is already missed.

ran into this thread while looking for coverage on whether the presidential debates are actually happening tonight.

the blog Obama IS America! is (obviously) pro obama, but is open to discussion for anyone interested in talking/participating/sending articles/commenting (openmindedly and respectfully of others of course).

so come by and check it out!!


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