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Damn those kids are cute!

Can't wait to see pics of them walking around - and you chasing after them!

Sorry about the long night, hopefully they'll settle back in to a schedule once the teething calms and the walking isn't so new.


Adam wears ladies' underthings!
Adam wears ladies' underthings!

Imagine me singing that in the most annoying tone conceivable...

Then make it even MORE annoying.

Even knowing I thought about blogging about sleeping through the night for 3 nights made daughter get chickenpox and wake the whole night!

There is a little boy at day care that rubs my legs everytime I come in wearing pantyhose. He loves the silky feel of it. It's a little creepy when it's not your own kid, but kinda cute

It's so nice to hear positive things about being a parent, even if your kids are driving you nuts. We are expecting our first in November and even though we haven't told anyone but family yet I keep running into parents that tell me how lucky I am not to have children. It strikes a bit of fear in my heart, I have to say!

they don't come any cuter then these two...

Congratulations on the first steps! Kate won't be far behind.

Pictures of backsides are soooo cute. I moan outloud that my 14 mo old dd hates to wear her diaper - but the truth is, she is so cute without clothes - it is so darn fun to watch her, and worth the risks!

My goodness, Adam has a man-butt! Such cute tushies, omigosh.

And yay! Adam's walking! I think if that adorable little man-butt is any indication, he's going to learn to run very quickly - he'll have to, to escape all the ladies who will be chasing him.

I don't think I got to sleep through the night for a year. Very cute pictures, I like the bare butt ones. I think that's the cutest thing ever.

Funny, projgen... I thought the same thing! Clearly gender-specific rearends on these two babes. Isn't that interesting?

Ah, we get so used to our peaceful night bliss, don't we Tertia? It wasn't *that* long ago that you (and I) were nearly manic from sleep deprivation. You wonder how you are going to make it through another day, much less a lifetime of parenthood.

And then you strike gold. The kids grow, you learn their schedules and/or new sleep techniques (yay for you, for being brave enough to let Adam fuss it out!), and it all falls into place.

So now, instead of gratefully falling into bed at the earliest opportunity, we subject ourselves to MORE sleep deprivation by staying up later than necessary! Ah, well. At least, at this point, it is our CHOICE. ;-)

Hope Adam's teeth pop through soon, so all of you can get more sleep! Molars and eye teeth are the worst, I think, so don't be surprised if he's wakeful until they are done.

Congratulations on the walking! Soon you will *officially* have two Toddlers on your hands!


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