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That's what I do! Obviously when I'm cooking for myself I try not to include things I don't like, but the other half does like peas, sprouts etc. (ew) so sometimes it's unavoidable. There are risks, however. I have to be eagle eyed otherwise my preciously saved favourite morsels disappear onto my boyfriend's plate, the arsehole.

Potatoes, veggies, then meat. But I don't "think" about it. I just do it. My college roommate, though, cannot eat anything (like a baked potatoe, for instance, without mixing it up completely so that all bites taste the same.

I watch in awe - I just don't care that much!

Plus, I most times won't finish - so that I can sample the good stuff a second time.

Particularly chocolate and wine....

On the above sample, I would always eat the veggies first (because they cool down the fastest and no-one wants to each cold veggies - yuck!) then the potatoes (if I'm doing carbs that day); then the meat (cos it stays warmest for longest). My husband on the other hand puts a little of everything on his fork.... I also don't like it when my foods mix on my plate (well most of the time - no problem with pastas & sushi though). I like everything nice and separate.... some serious food issues there :-)

I eat things in rotation but in no particular order but I always leave myself a bite of my favourite thing to finish with.

Oh, and stealing food from someone else's plate is a big no-no in our house - Rachel, I suggest you stab your boyfriend's hand with a fork a couple of times and maybe he'll learn.

I've never heard my eating habits described so plainly. However, with a "plain-jane" meal like meat, pot and veggie I would eat like Kirsty describes; no particular order but in rotation (meaning one bite of this, one bite of that, continue.)

Random order, no thought to the process at all. I started to say how much you needed a shrink, but then I remembered that I have my own little particulars. A sandwich with meat and cheese, mustard and mayo requires that the mayo be on cheese side, mustard on meat side. Mustard shall never touch cheese or lettuce or tomato, only meat. Ritz crackers and Peter Pan peanut butter (no substitutes, please!!) pnut butter goes on unsalted side of the cracker because, well, just because.

Prozac for EVERYONE!

Veggies, potatoes and meat. Unless the potatoes are french fries (chips). Then they would be saved for last. I love fried starches.

OK, I don't have any rules about the order, but my dad does: he eats the best bits first, because, as he reasons, then you're left with the next best bits, which become the best bits, etc. So you're always eating the best bits.

I try to eat a little bit of everything together so that I don't leave all the good bits or yucky (re. healthy) bits to the end.

I like to save the best for last. But that's dangerous, because I run the risk that my husband will steal my choice morsels before I get to them. He's a plate vulture who's always stealing my food.

A couple days ago, my sister silently sorted her French fries and moved the skinny, dark, crispy ones to the side because they're her favorite. My mother reached over and grabbed one of those fries. My sister practically smacked Mom's hand when she rescued her beloved fry.

Ummmm.... i always drink the wine first.

I eat the good stuff first. That way if I get filled up I quit eating. If I saved the nice stuff for alst I would always clean my plate and probably be fat.

I'm with Marko - I eat my favorites first.

I eat the nice bits last, anticipating them as I approach the end of the meal. You think I'd have learned the other way, because invariably, just when I'm about to eat the last, most juiciest, luscious bite, someone else (DH) wants to try it. I *hate* that!

I have to admit. Marko has a good point. But I voted for I just eat the damn food.

It was absolutely drilled into us as kids to eat it all together (e.g. a little bit of meat with a few peas and some potato smushed on). For some reason I'm not sure of, this was meant to be good manners. I have always thought people who ate the meat first and the veggies last had no table manners. Sadly my husband does this, and we now have a baby daughter who I'm sure will also end up eating in order of preference.

I eat dessert first, in case I'm too full at the end.

Ah, see, it depends on the dish. In this case, assuming the potatoes are mashed, of course, I would eat a wee forkful of meat, followed by a wee forkful of veggies, followed by mashies. BUT! I would have to make sure that there were at least a few (many) forkfuls of only mashies left at the end, because they're my favourite. I save the best for last. Always.

When I was a kid I always left the stuff I didn't like until last. Result is now I cannot eat peas unless they are stone cold, like they always ended up when I was a kid.

Otherwise I mix it all up.

Remember - life is short: eat dessert first.

I tend to try and get the yuk bits smothered in tasty ones. ie salad covered in potato/meat/gravy so I don't have to taste it as much. Otherwise I just eat a bit of everything, trying to make the meat last as long as posisble.

So Close... Shit, I can honestly say I cannot come up with something witty and amusing! I will say though make it a bit over the top, something that strays from the usual hearts and roses stuff. Something catchy that will make people buy the book to get the gist of it.

Hmm, I confess I usually go for the carbs first, meat, veggies... Interesting to read what others wrote though and may have to start eating those veggies first, they DO cool down the fastest.

I'm another 3 in one gal. Meat, potato, and veg in that order all at once. Mmm.

My vote is for the title just as your banner is. It's perfect and right there under your nose.

If I vote for the one you use can I still get a signed pic of the cootch? I'll pay for the book.


I eat the best bits first! What if the whole roof collapses over your yummy meat, and you have been eating the breadsticks?!? =)

I'm kind of half and half. I eat some of my favorite stuff, then the food I don't like as much, and then back to my favorites to finish off the meal.

I truly admire all of you. I usually take a bite of each thing in kind of a rotation, but that process is under the supervision of only 7 brain cells. The focus of every other brain cell not involved with physical survival is trying to make it through a meal without dropping anything on my boobs. I don't know how many brain cells are needed to be successful at that, but I do not have enough. There is some kind of devils triangle between my plate and my mouth where the tines of my fork completely disappear and food drops as the gentle rain upon my blouse beneath.


I'm very aware of how I balance my meal out - rotating through each item so that I end with a bit of the best part. If there's something I don't really like, sometimes I'll try to get rid of it first and sometimes I sneak in bites of it between the yummy parts.

I'm with you, I eat the nasty stuff first and I leave my favorite food for last.

This sometimes backfires though because my husband thinks that I don't like the food that I'm leaving for last so he steals it (see example below). I need to eat with my fork poised over my plate to ward off attacks and defend my favorite bits.

One time we were eating in a restaurant and I had some blue cheese dressing on the side. It had a nice big chunk of blue cheese in it. The whole time I dipped my celery around the chunk and avoided the chunk because I was saving it until the end. I turned my head for one moment and my husband grabbed the chunk and popped it in his mouth. He said "I thought you didn't want it since you kept pushing it around". Since that day, I guard my food and never look away.

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