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Attention Whore

(tee hee!)


LOL!!! Once a whore, always a whore.....

And why wasn't 'asshole' on the list? That would have got 100%...


So, if I get this right, Tertia describes herself as logical, but no one else does? But no one thinks she's religious?

Still looking for the box where i can check for "Wino" as well as "Asshole".

Looking for anal on the list, but had to make do with "organized."

That is a bit understated, I think, but it will have to do.

Does anyone else find it incredible that no one thinks T is modest, quiet and shy?


We all know you're an attention seeking blog whore who thinks she's hot, but really, no one thinks you're modest? People, this is a woman who needs her OWN toilet!

heheh, Kez, fear of someone hearing you go poo is not modesty! The woman didn't care who saw her panties, remember? lol!

Gee...I did it too...do me!!!

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