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I've had withdrawal symptoms without the polls. Love them, need them! I'm on dial up and page is loading quite quickly, so keep the international counter, I say! Esp if it gives your ego a global boost.

The page loaded fine for me today. There was no delay.

I like the counter. I find it very interesting. Loved the polls too.

I love the counters, but the polls not so much. And it loaded fine for me today, thanks for asking!

I love the global counter. I really think my problems with the blog were related to the pop-up adds on the polls. But, I loved the polls when I could read them. How expensive are the add-free polls?

Tertia, I just wanted to tell you that I took my kids out to dinner on Sat, and there was a woman there who was very attractive. Tall, with longer dark hair, and she reminded me of someone that I knew. It took me quite a while to place her, but I finally realized that she reminded me a good deal of you!

Just wanted you to know that you have a twin over in the States.

The page itself loaded fast today but something was grinding away in the background so it must have been the counter- as long as it grinds away without slowing the page down that's OK.

I love the polls but the popup ads made me homocidal. Mind you, I live far enough away to be completely harmless either way... :-)

No problem loading for me, but I also don't see the counter. Oh wait... your blog hates me, remember? At least that's what you told me when I asked you why it wasn't loading for me a while back. Asshole. :)

I would like to see the polls again. But if it's costing you, I'm not so sure. How about putting a little "tip jar" like I've seen on other blogs? That'll give bitchy people something bad to say about you. That's always fun!

One more thing... Are you sure you want your archives aaaaaall the way down at the bottom? They could be easily missed. Maybe put the "Nerd Stuff" or the "Bloggy Stuff" below it? Personally, I think your archives are very valuable to someone who is looking for information or support. Just a thought.


The counter has miraculously appeared. Carry on...

I like the polls, but sometimes they would load wrong and then I couldn't read your actual posts. So, either way.

I LOVED the polls. I still look for it every day until I remember it's not there anymore!

As far as I can tell, if you use Firefox, no pop-ups. I'm just sayin...

Love the new bloggy look - who did it for you? It's divine.

The only thing that "hangs" is the "vistors" this month counter - the rest of the page loads very fast. Before, the entire page would hang while the vistor code loaded.
I liked the polls.

still loading pretty quick by me...

no opinion on the polls!

ha! funny...

For me, some of the delay is from flickr. I see it loading loading loading those pictures sometimes...

The page loaded quite quickly today,and I loved the polls.But I would never ask you to spend your hard earned money just for my enjoyment!

No problems with loading here. I miss the polls, but you do what YOU want to do - it is YOUR blog! :-)

On the cooking front...
Funny I should come home to read this post just after taking a "Chinese Indian Manchurian" cooking lesson. My friend hosted a professional cook from the China/India border at her home. The entire lesson was given in Hindi, so I just watched and followed as best I could.

Otherwise, Tertia, you're not only one who sucks at cooking. But when my DD came along, I vowed to change a lot of things about myself for her sake. The first was to become a good housekeeper. I refused to let my DD live in clutter just cause I had yet to figure out how to do better. It took me a full year to work out that aspect of my life, but it was worth it. Keeping the joint neat and clean is way better than feeling guilty about it. And now that I can do it for myself, I can teach her, too.

The second big change I'm making is on the cooking front. I don't mean to guilt trip you, but this is just where MY head is at: If there's another kid on the planet who's mom is giving him nutritious, homemade meals most nights, then my kid has to have that too. It's probably a by product of my effed up childhood-- but I just have this thing about not sending my daughter any signals that say "you were not worth my making an effort to change." My parents did that to me, and I still hate them for it. Now, the fact that I've gotten through 16 years of marriage w/o having to show my "love and concern" for my DH through cooking is kind of out there.(Poor thing.) Thank heaven for modern husbands who understand....But I'll be damned if it takes five years for me to work this cooking thing out-- I'm going to figure it out for my kid-- cause a kid shouldn't have to understand. If in the end she wants to eat frozen pizza rolls out the microwave rather than organic steamed vegetable medly with eggplant rollentine in a homemade red sauce...then so be it. But don't ever let it be said that I never felt she was WORTH making the effort to learn how to put a decent hot meal on the table at night. I'm gonna work this friggin' cooking thing out if it kills me....But guess what? It AIN'T gonna kill me, because I've decided nothing is allowed to kill me now...I have a daughter to raise, and she's worth the fight.

That's just my personal headtrip. YMMV.


Loading fast.
Love the polls.
Don't mind ads if that is cheaper for you.
It's all about you.

Hi T,
I checked your counter and I am among the 38 visitors you have from China. used to be in Penang, Malaysia. I probably left 1 comment in here on the "circumcision" topic. Still loving your blog!

The counter thing does not appear to be slowing down my load time at all. As for the polls, I could do with them or without them. I only participated in a few, but they were kind of fun.

Loved the polls and the counter. So far counter not slowing me down at all, just the firewalls on the work network!

Love your site, like the concept of the polls, but hated the pop ups I would get because of them. I have pop up blocker, but the pop ups with your polls are oddly insidious and seem to imbed themselves somehow in your site text. Very frustrating.

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